Truck maker to sell giant pickup

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Ssa rM, Sep 17, 2004.

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  2. I'd use it to haul cars up from down south <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  3. ...they just keep getting bigger.

    I wonder if they will explain to their customers that they won't be able to drive those trucks down a number of roads.....7 tons surpasses weight limits on a large portion of residential and even some city roads.
  4. They should just start selling 18wheelers.
  5. i want one.
  6. No normal person would buy it. The Army wouldnt either. WHo owns that company? DCX like all of the big rig makers?
  7. uh, someone that wants to pull a few dirt bikes and trailor something would. there's a few guys around my place that have big ass chevys like that.
  8. The Unimog is better, IMO
  9. Unimog is not a 7 ton.
  10. nor can it hold 6 tons in the back
  11. THey do sell them as well. I can actually see lots of function to that truck myself. Mainly it would be for where a trailer or a semi would be too inconvienient for use. In remote or close quarter locations (IE logging sites or small areas in residential) The main companies I can see using it would be heavy construction people, or people who use heavy duty machines outside of a shop. If there is a big backhoe out in the mountains, it is easier to carry equipment for it in the back. Also by outfitting it with attachments (say small crane), anybody who has to haul and work with immense weights can load it into the truck, load up the work crew, and then get it done with one vehicle, as apposed to a large flat deck truck, a crew truck, and something to tow the work equipment. I think it is a great idea if other people can see the use. I would get one if I had a business that worked with heavy equipment. It is a very economical choice.
  12. Finally a vehicle every housewife needs.

    Now if I can get a 24" lift kit for that beast then it's mine! I'll be able to squash those "puny" Hummers like a bug and just about everyone else on the highway without spilling my coffee while I'm safe in my leather lined, air conditioned cab while blasting Kent Black on my 15 speaker 2000 watt CD player. I wish the gas mileage was a bit lower though. Who cares? I can afford to fill the tank up every time I run out to buy a gallon of milk. Just tell the Arabs to "send more oil!". I wonder how is Hummer going to respond to this?

    Isn't it great living in the good Ol'USA?
  13. Yea, this has been posted recently. And it's a beast, I would love to drive that thing every day.
  14. It's aweosme. I want one.
  15. chevy topkick with a silverodo bed?
  16. was in the usa today i think wednesday. how big is the f-650 super crewser??? i know its not this big but i remember it being a beast.
  17. Whats the Chevy one called?
  18. i dunno what it actually is. i see this red one most every weekend during summer, with a couple of tiny dirtbikes/atvs and little kids in the back.
  19. i dunno what it actually is. i see this red one most every weekend during summer, with a couple of tiny dirtbikes/atvs and little kids in the back.
  20. Wow, you drive 560 miles to get a gallon of milk?
  21. I would pay to see a soccer mom driving that.
  22. Damnit, 30" chromes wont look big on that! We'll need 50" at least
  23. That thing is obscene.

    I'm guessing it combines the duty of a semi with the praciticality of a regular truck.
  24. id love one, but not to drive, id live in it.

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