true achievement- 170+hp/L

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  1. damn thats american car could do that..
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    Well, the 911 GT1 has a twin-turbo, you couldn't get that much bhp/L naturally.
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    That depends - Would they be given a blank check to work on the engine as were Porsche engineers?
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    Man ...who do you think you are? DO NOT compare Porsche to American Manufactureres...why even bother giving extra credit to someone who's done absolutely nothing positive for the auto industry? HP/Liter does nothing for performance? Where exactly are getting your info from? Why do you think companies turbo-charge cars instead of poppin 7 Liter blocks anymore?
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    The 7L C5s will probably run with a TT porche. But thats a stupid comparison anyways. Who started this thread??
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    this car is great and it was mostly the basis of the new carrera gt but i like the design of this one better
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    This is definately beautiful.
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    It is a nice car... it's rare for Porsche to come out with a car that ISN'T nice 928 maybe not but all the others kick ass especially the 959 and GT1-GT3 series
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    twin turbo can do a lot for power
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    Actually yes an American car can do that, and actually beats in in the 0-60mph by 3/10's of a second. (0-60 in 3.3 vs 3.6). It even beats the McLaren F1 in 0-60, but loses by 2/10s of a second in the QTR mile Its funny how you mention 7liters, b/c its a 7L V10, 550bhp car. Won the LeMans race, and is street legal, fastest production car you can get. Plus its 1/3 the price of this car. But prob a lot worse on gas mileage than Porsche, plus I'm a huge Porsche lover myself. Thought I'd mention that.
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    Oh man that sure is astonishing that they got 170hp/liter...
    Oh no american car could do that could it... by the way, since I don't believe you actually know how to figure it out on your own it comes out to 309.5 hp/liter.
  12. this is nice car
  13. the ford rs is not really american, it is more british, like ummmmm madonna
  14. hp/L is for bragging. If the car had 2 times the power and a tenth of the hp/L it would be better. And any US manufacturer can out do Porsche and the other Euros, why do you think companies pop 7 Liter blocks instead of turbo-charing their cars? The US and Europe (and Japan while I'm at it) are all eqaul in ability.
  15. Funny how the world views america as the land of 7 liters naturally aspirated V8s. Sad actually. However, im no fan of american cars either quite frankly. But when talking about twin turbo cars, you should all know that America's newest wave of limited production, kit-car, and tuner specials all use a twin turbo setup to achieve amazing horsepower:

    Heffner viper (tuner): TT V8 good for 1,900hp on race fuel (no lie)
    SSC Ultimate Aero TT: TT V8 good for 1,180hp and 960 lb ft. going for Veyron's speed record (270+ mph claimed)

    America is beginning to convert to TT setups for its highest performance cars, so don't count them out yet.
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  17. This isnt a freakin dragster, more important is the 0-100 time, which this porsche does amazingly well...

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