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  1. its to late this car has already been made. but i guess your right gordon murray should have thought before making it. i mean he only made a legend that ruled all acceleration and top speed records, is consider the greatest supercar of all time. and whats more is that this car will keep up with most supercars in acclereration. did i mention its still the only car to stand up to the CCR, 16.4, and S7 with a natural asperatied engine. you see gordon murray didnt need the luxuary of achieving such a high level of perforamnce with the use of forced induction. all he needed was his understanding that the lighter the better. none of this 3000lbs supecar carp.
  2. You are funny
  3. there's only one true super car and thats Mclaren
    and why do people compare the enzo to the mclaren first to all mclaren has old thechnology
    and enzo has some next high tech stuff, so if they build a new Mclaren it would kill enzo
  4. i shut all u enzo lovers up
  5. McLaren is better than all those.

  7. This is a true supercar. The greatest of its era. But certainly not the greatest car ever made. Not even in the top 5.

  8. "TOP ROAD CARS: Caparo T1, Dauer 962 LM, Ultima GTR, LeBlanc Mirabeau, Radical SR8

    TOP RACE CARS: Ferrari 512 S Spyder, Porsche 962, Porsche 956, Ferrari 330 P4, Porsche 917, Nissan R92 CP"

    That's your opinion... but without the F1 where the hell would a supercar be today, plus its the best car overall: in its looks, power, stats, everyday use, etc. etc.
  9. I don't actually have to say anything because the topic speaks for itself
  10. Which is exactly why you had to make that post, because replying to every topic you read is mandatory. To simply condone it would be such blasphemy, therefore you make a pointless post telling everyone how you have nothing to say.
  11. You must be new... welcome to!! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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