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Discussion in '2006 Audi R10' started by scarface187, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. personally i recon it lacks tourque because the amount of tourque it pushes out i would expect from a petrol engine because you would get alot more from a diesel engine because dats wat der known for!
  2. i reckon its a winner
  3. was this confirmed to be in the 24 heures du mans because when i bought my tickets it only had 38 cars which were confirmed to participate, and there was no audi name in any class, am i missing something?
  4. i saw this baby in its first race. Amazing, made history with its first win in its first race. Amazin torque and an even more amazin trany to put up with it. I bow down to Audi
  5. Impressive, but i just have a voice in the back of my head still saying its a diesel, i dont like diesels and i know its stupid and there is no real reason for it.
    I guess im just racist towards fuels...
  6. LOLZ..people have always been racist towards fuel. It's normal. There are some new gasoline powered car technologies that can possible make them just as efficient and competitive like the VW Dualcharger cars. 1.4L Super/Turbocharged engines. Nice idea.
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    This is thing is beyond amazing, especially considering other manufacturers have said that Audi has an insurmountable advantage!

    This is the original R10 promo video, pretty slick! check it out.
  8. Wonder if we'll see a production version of this engine.
  9. sweet a** car.

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