Trump, Rosberg conspiracy

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  1. image.jpeg image.jpeg you know how Hamilton was champ as Obama was elected.

    Same thing is going on again. With Rosberg and trump.

    Using face similarities to make trump more popular around the world..

    Trump will win
    So will Rosberg

    Nice conspiracy eh?
  2. Stop wasting your time with conspiracy theories, it's a waste of brain cells.
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  3. It's just a theory nobody is saying I'm right
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    image.jpeg image.jpeg
  5. Lol they are kinda similar right?
  6. Wow, they're both caucasian
    Great find +1
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  7. Which driver looks like Hillary?
  8. this is stupid
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  9. Susie Wolff
  10. Jackie Stewart, nowadays
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  11. My prediction came true

    I must have been right all along
  12. Yes, you sure were.
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