Trump: Why can't we just use nukes?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Murika, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. Great, then let's play that game.

    Members of Donald Trump's staff have an incentive to lie about things that will make him look bad because..... They are members of Donald Trump's staff.

    Your turn. What incentive does Joe Scarboroughand and the foreign-policy expert have to lie?
  2. They don't want him to win. Was that hard?
  3. The premise your answer #1 is that Donald Trump definitely didnot ask those questions in a manner that would alarm the public.

    Just suppose Donald trump asked why we can't use nukes three times in a manner and context that really did alarm the foreign-policy expert.

    I thought the premise behind my question it was self-evident but I will clarify.

    Do members of his staff have an incentive to lie about things that would be harmful to Donald Trump's campaign?
  4. Great! Go ahead and substantiate your claim about the foreign-policy expert who was briefing Trump.

    Well that's probably true about Joe Scarborough, it's quite interesting considering he's a long time Republican and a former Republican congressman.
  5. If it isn't true, as quoted from 2 people you deem not worthy, yes, that's the premise of my answer. That it alarmed the foreign policy expert is your interpretation I can't find anywhere in that video. He merely paraphrased his questions to him, no? I believe the context is deliberatly kept out of the picture here. Going by this and how you see this as trustworthy, Gossip Girls was probably a documentary on journalistic ethics to you. Members of the staff were socially forced to respond to this, as it was (without questioning) happily copypasted by every media outlet worldwide and they'd lose voters if anyone can do their he-said-he-said on national television without responding. Their other option was ignoring it, but the damage is already being done. And this brings me back to the ethics issue you keep dancing around. If you think this way of journalism is acceptable, I don't want to know what other forms of social behaviour you find acceptable.
  6. this kinda seems like a trivial argument to get hung up on when Trump provides such a wealth of easy targets
  7. I don't need to, an unnamed source told me.
  8. As for Joe's motivation, blasting this kind of things through the ether could be meant to push the senates to distance themselves [from Trump], as he already suggested. His way or the highway.

    edit: oh that's reason 2 then, ETB4U provided the 1st one already
  9. But I agree wholeheartedly with that, that he's not consistent, I'm getting John Kerry flipflopping memories when I think of Trump's campaign, but this isn't as much about Trump as it is about manners of reporting to me.
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  10. So on one side you have theoretical possible reasons to lie.

    And on the other side you have a definite reason to lie and a history of lying.

    Here's what you're not getting. Even as a Clinton supporter I would never source her campaign staff alone on something that can't be independently verified by any other means.
  11. There is no comparison between Kerry and Trump. Trump is in a league of his own.
  12. You did, actually, with the gym attendance thing lol (capacity turned out to be 500, article removed during her visit, but an excerpt here) which you could have looked up too. So what I'm getting is: that everything's acceptable as long as it suits your personal agenda. And that'd be an acceptable reasoning to me too (it's human), but don't act pretentious as if your sources are holy and others should be automatically frowned upon. I think it'd do you good if you'd express doubts sometimes or questioned the things you already grew fond of. It's really easy to just reject theories and motivations of others and just continue your monologue about how Joe and his super source is awesome and how the Trump staff must be lying (no word from the foreign policy expert corner as of yet for as far as I'm aware) in their responses to it, because they lied about other things beofre. If you're so super certain of how right you are, I don't understand why you act like you're in a discussion. Because there is no discussion.

    Last time I ask and then I'll give up and you can happily continue with your day acting like my posts never existed: is this acceptable journalism to you?

    This hasn't never been seen before. Check out Trump's truthfulness verses everyone else's, Democrat or Republican.

    70% ! of everything he says is either mostly false, false or "pants on fire." The 'POF' rating is normally rarely earned, and Trump has freaking 40 (19% of everything he says). We'll never see this again from another candidate. It's insane.

    What's worse is his numbers were actually helped when he read his pre-written convention speech. The speech gave him a lot of ratings that were more typical of other politicians.
  14. Looks like 'president' obama continues to mock White American Religious Values. I hope Trump can undo the damage that Whites have suffered in 8 years under Barack Hussein Obama

  15. I said: "I would never source her campaign staff alone on something that can't be independently verified by any other means.


    Biaw was one of several hundred who weren't able to make it inside. Officially the number of people let in the door was said to be 3,200. It was a much larger crowd than originally expected as the Clinton campaign had originally stated only 500 people would be allowed into the gym, with an additional 500 being seated in an overflow section.

    Plans changed after more than 5,000 people RSVP'd on the campaign's website.
  16. Can you imagine if Michelle Obama had naked lesbian pictures of her? It would be a round the clock 24/7 news bananza and the "family values" Republicans would be going apeshit.
  17. can you imagine if Obama had 5 kids with 3 women
  18. I won't ask again, have a nice weekend
  19. You made the weekend sound not nice at all
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    Bottom line. CLINTON IS A CRIMINAL. She should be serving jail time.
    Trump as much of a lying asshole he is. At least he's not skirting jail.
  21. The interesting thing here is that either indictment or absolution would have been interpreted as evidence of wrongdoing.
  22. In hillarys case there is proof of wrongdoing. But the FBI claims not enough to prove a strong enough case. Which is bs imo. We all know that the FBI is the epitome of ethics. All its really takes is hillary saying if I get in office I will boost your funding and salaries. Just make this go away please.
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  23. The FBI had pressure from that Lynch ***** to pass Clinton for an angel and let's not forget that Hillary has armed ISIS and is being fully responsible of what happened in Benghazi:

    Murika dodged the question asked by Moo several times whether for him a biased a questionable leftist source of journalism and animosity and other antisocial behavior against trump acceptable. The answer is yes.
  24. I don't know why but I can't say that I am surprised to see this coming from you. I know that you are a socialist but I didn't know that you were that naive (or perhaps brainwashed by the media should be a more accurate term) to think that Obama is someone who appreciates christians when it is not the case.
    You have forgotten this about Obama and it is time to refresh your memory :

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