Trump: Why can't we just use nukes?

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  1. stop posting this
    diggs has already accurately addressed how these organizations cover your expenses, cover your vacations, all under the name of charity. We've seen these scandals before, people in charge of these types of organizations going on extravagant vacations and shopping sprees. We know it happens.

    Make me feel better about this
    Goldman Sachs sure does love to hear Bill and Hillary speak, 9 times since 2004, for 2.2mil
    UBS loves them even more. Since August 2011, 10 times, for 1.9mil. Just incredible speakers.
    The list goes on."

    since this is my biggest concern with her. She represents corporate interests above the interests of the American people. If there was not a legitimate reason for concern there I wouldnt be so anti Hillary.
  2. No he didn't. He covered how private for-profit businesses do those things. Charities are under different laws and regulations.

    Companies and wealthy individuals paying large sums of money to have high-profile people and even celebrities speak at events is nothing new, including former Presidents. So what?

    By the way, Clinton already said when she becomes president her charity will not be excepting donations from foreign entities for corporations, so as to avoid the appearance of favors. Unlike before, now she will be in a position to affect laws and regulations.
  3. The Secretary of State has zero authority to enact laws or regulations. They are nothing more than the the President's conduit to foreign relations abroad.

    Oh no! Foreigners donated to her charity!
  4. I couldn't find any information on him. I'm only finding him on typical right-wing conspiracy theory websites. The same ones that pushed dumb shit like the Clintons are making people disappear and the birther nonsense.

  5. No they arent. A business will pay corporation tax and its directors will pay income tax on the dividend. A charity/social enterprise does not pay any corporation tax nor does it share its profits to directly benefit an individual.

    What they do with the profits is the only difference.
  6. _____
    The funds acquired by nonprofit corporations must stay within the corporate accounts to pay for reasonable salaries, expenses, and the activities of the corporation. If the income of a corporation inures to the personal benefit of any individual, the corporation is said to be profit driven.

    If you own a company it's perfectly legal for you to spend your own company's money on whatever you see fit. If you drive the company truck home every night or drive it to Guam it doesn't matter. It's your freaking company.

    You cannot legally spend your charity's money on shit that's in reality for you under the guise of being for the benefit of the charity or its cause. That's call fraud.
  7. As long as it is used for at least one charity event and remains in legal ownership of the charity; it is perfectly legal, Though unethical, to make any purchase you want at the charities expense.
    If you have a multi million dollar charity and buy a very very expensive car. All you need to do is take it to an event and take a sick kid or homeless veteran for a ride. This justifies the purchase.
    You are reading what is written and thinking it's just black and white, cut and dry. It's not. There is a huge grey area. It is amazing what a good accountant can do.
  8. This is boring.

    Plz talk aboot nukes instead.

    Nobody cares where Hillary bought her fucking Honda, seriously. Prolly in Benghazi as a payment for some plutonium, let's just assume that for the site's sake. It's also the most likely option.
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  9. how do we know which ones are radical and which ones just want to show off their feet in public and buy salvage luxury cars

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