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  1. Everyone on the internewt has some stupid ass totall;y false opinipn about god or soem bulslhit relighion like christainity lile (mclaren777) whivh is totally #$%#ing bullshit (like jews and mussilims too) which they all bleibve that thiere dumb shit is is 100% RIGHt . bIUt ok whatever then they like to fight each toher abpiut there dumbass FAKE bleifes which arntr dtruth in any forwm but thy still comntineu to do so. So they kill everyone and casue global warming and nuclurar warfare misslses and shit liekt hat that will make the wearth blwoupo and egveryone of is us is will die, So what if all that was really made buy SATAMN and he made up ALL realgiuous bulslhit and fed it to diffeernet parts of the warld so they cand all fight and kil each other wheile he laguhs aabout it iwass. Woudl by ironice and all but trhen agian waht does he belivbe in? porablay liema aslefish ham, he thinks hes ALL THE GREATEST EVERand tihngks that he is only rtihgt whieleveryone else is worng and not as close to as good as waht he is. So he is really evil and waht if eavil is really good but we jsut tihnk oppsite want waht if what that emans is that hes realluy GOD and we are really all eviel and we are doing bad tihngds which whe see as things athat are good and not bad. TRHart whalkd be siome #$%#ed up siht.
  2. It might be true or it might nowt be but ruling it out means ur closemind and in gorance so u better leisten beacue if u never do then ull jsut end up getting shot by that pink ally cat with dilkdo legs that u never tohguht about shooting u due to ur closed ingorance but ui gota think aobut stuff liek that on a dalily baseis. People say its all paranioas and siht but it raelly is true if u try ti out and might save ur ass someday (like tha pinka lly cat with dildo legs kill i) So tihs is jsut fogood adive for everyone out there.
  3. If Satan exists, wouldn't God have to exist as well?
  4. Not when you're high/drunk.
  5. Drunkeness at it's finest.

    Religion is for the weak only.
  6. I don't force Christianity on anyone, but seriously, don't trash talk something you don't know anything about.
  7. a qoute from someone i know, "It's not god, or Allah, or Muhummad or anything like that, it's the fan club that gives me the s )( ! t s."
  8. Religion is the 2nd cause to human suffering, right next to greed
  9. I go to a Christian School, and I know what Gods About and I have never come close to believing. In fact I see the Hypercritical as holes they really are. There are many reasons people believe in god, 50% are not spiritual.
    Thought history religion has had to do with about all bar a few wars. They say these guys were greedy, I say there religious.

    Also my friend kind of thinks the ends coming, 2013 or something like that. Got it out off some bible code. Witch I say is a false bible. Every generation has there time, and every generation is said to be the last by somebody.

    Satan does not exist, if people used 100% of are brain capacity there would be no war at all, its just people are influenced easily and are effected my little things big time=hittle.
  10. God is PandaBeat's nigga.
  11. Same here, I go to a Christian school yet I dont believe what they say...
  12. I, am IdoL, dude.
  13. Dude, I am right.
  14. Religion stabilizes much of western society, if your argument is that the islamic religion causes wars, then this thread should be about Islam, not religion in general, fact.
  15. God is dead, & no one cares.

    -Trent Reznor
  16. Actually it was Nietzche who killed God
    Raskolnikov buried Him.
  17. Raskalnikov? Dostoyevsky?
  18. i dont understand how people say that people who believe in god/religion are weak... could someone explain this to me?
  19. Bingo. He is the ultimate über-man as in Nietzsche
  20. IMO they aren't weak they are trully blessed
    Life is easier when you have some entity to pray to, or some other realm after this one, something that justifies your existence
  21. exactly, im not overly religious and i dont go to church, but that doesn't mean i dont believe in god. Infact, what is wrong with believing in god? IMO i dont think its weak at all.
  22. Most of the people who say it is weak have other type of believes, or are just upset that they can't believe in god
  23. I won't try to break down your post, but I will say that it was very ignorant.
  24. whos post are you talking about...

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