Try to tow a Ferrari F430 ......

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by tamiyarevell, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Taiwan police officer had tried to tow the illegal parking F430 but finally they gave up because of afraid that the F430 got any damage.
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  3. post yuor avatar please
  4. see. having a supercar is perfectly practical
  5. wich one?
  6. avatar with gray ,orange Mclaren F1s and one yellow Ferrari F50?
  7. FXX, F50, GTO, F1 LM, F1 GT <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  8. it's a shame they didn't damage it at least. #$%#ing idiot shouldn't park it illegally
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  10. not like damaging it could possibly make it any uglier.
  11. the F430S is a HUGE improvement
  12. it better be. I saw several 430s in Dallas visiting Phanofmuzik and I was no more impressed seeing them up close. The Maserati Gran Turismo next to them on the other hand.... I want to see the next fully redesigned V8 Ferrari because those arent doing it for me.
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  15. boo#$%#ing hoo . You never double park ? or park illegally ? i doubt that .
  16. lol that's awesome. It even has an after market lip, at least I assume that's after market. I don't know my F430's, and like innotech, I don't really care much for them.
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  18. I never parked my bicycle illegally nor double
  19. haha no that one is even uglier..But they call it passion so why should I be bothered
  20. Where's that taken/who owns them ?
  21. ZAZ museum in Japan. I don't know the name, but the same guy that owns the ZENT racing team (I think he made his money with casino's). That collection has allways been incredible.

    The GT has just been repainted and refitted to resemble MH F1 car:

    BTW: Besides Prince Jefri of Brunei this is the only man to own all the types of McLaren F1's at the same time (F1, GT, LM, GTR)
  22. Ferrari's should have a "park where ever free forever" right. I said it, I mean it.

    I get to see maybe 5 Ferrari's per year in traffic. Also, if they had the right to park for example in parks, that would make so much nicer photo opportunities.

  23. I disagree. Every town should have a "cool car parking space", a nice spot (for pics) where exotic cars MUST park.
  24. haha that would piss people so much it would be awesome.
  25. Beautiful girls should also then be obliged to pose by these exotics, even on them, but then only in panties to limit scratches from buttons etc.

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