TS50 is better!

Discussion in '2001 HSV VX2 Clubsport' started by dumbo, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I didn't even know there was one
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    Raider won ohhhh yeah
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    Which team, Brisbane?
    I've never been to Adelaide, but against Melbourne i was goign for them, and I don't liek Collingwood, So for the Finals I am going for the Adelaide Crows. Are you a Lions fan?
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    Hell no I hate Brisbane more than anything, as a matter of fact my 4 most hated teams are the 4 that are remaining :-(

    I go for the Western Bulldogs 1st, then Bombers 2nd, and 3rd anyone else other than the top 4 and Carlton.
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    Cool, I was going for the kangaroos, but they got knocked out in the first week. I don't like melbourne or collingwood and lots of peole down here like brisbane, I am going for Adelaide
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    Oh well they are knocked out.. Go Brisbane!
    Geelong Won the VFL grand Final (My Team) <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
    I guess now it's down to NFL for me... Go Packers
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    well its hard to believe this forum started out as TS50 is better and ended up at footy (go the knights!).
    I am not a ford "fan", I am not a holden "fan" I appreciate both makes for when they build something quality. In my opinion ford really let their act down right after they built the XC coupe, that was the last good ford untill the AU. Yes its ugly in standard form but the XR's look sweet and the TS50 just looks mean! those lines around the front remind me of a mustang. holdens have been building some good cars for ages now, like the vl and vl ss group A's. the VX looked good. seeing as i dont know any performance figures on the new holden i can only comment on it looks. and they are shit and i would be very pissed of if someone crashed their magna up the back of commy which is exaclte what happened. the interior is CRAP it all cheesy and jappy, it makes you feel like your riding in a large hyundai excel (yeah i know hyundais are made by koreans who eat dogs not japanese). I cant wait to see some awesome BA's cruising around and mind my french but #$%# the V8, fords new straight 6 is a #$%#ing powerhouse!! 4 litres of DOHC, 24v, variable valve timing, turbo, 240kw, and all this at just 6psi??!! this engine is a giant waiting to be unleashed! Im seeing 1000+ hp figures at many horsepower heroes to come.. every holden fan out there will envy the new BA falcons.
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    Just to go off-topic again, where you from??

    I'm from Newcastle......
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    Some Engine stats for you, MK2 Supra.

    BA standard 4.0 inline 6 182kW @5000rpm 380Nm @3250rpm
    VY standard 3.8 V6 152kW @5200rpm 305Nm @3600rpm

    VY supercharged V6 Calais 171kW @5200rpm 375Nm @3000rpm

    BA XR6 Turbo 240kW @5250rpm 450Nm @2000-4500rpm

    VY V8 (SV8)(SS) 235kW @5200rpm 465Nm @4400rpm
    BA V8 forte, fairmont, XT 220kW @?? 470Nm @??
    BA XR8 260kW @?? 500Nm @??

    That's the Ford and Holden figures, not HSV or FPV.
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    Is the Turbo 6 available in any other cars like the Fairmont Ghia or something?
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    only the xr6 ute, so just the xr6
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    Now let me clarify one thing first and foremost, i am not a Ford supporter, HOWEVER i am of the opinion that HSV's are the worst "performance" car that GM have ever produced. They are still using engines that have OLD technology in them. For an 8 cyl engine they are significantly underpowered and are too heavy. They have the worst suspension of any car in it's class and that creates shit steering. Those of you who pay upwards of $100k modifying a holden you are stupid. Take for example a Lancer EVO VII Extreme S. 0-100 in 3.8 sec, 360bhp top speed of 260 km/h, now no holden can't compete with that and that's only from a turbo charged 4 cyl engine. There are much better cars out there than Holden eg. Merc or BMW, these are real cars with a respectable name, not one of GM's shitty creations.
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    Underpowered? How much power should they have? They are just as powerful as most other V8's. What sort of performance do you expect from a RWD V8? I mean no friggen rear wheel drive V8 in the damm world gets to 100 in 3.8 seconds u f***en downey.
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    Actually there is a rear wheel drive V8 that will hit 0-100 in that time, The CLK-GT.
    0-100 in 3.8seconds spot on and its n/a.
    It has a 5.9ltr 24v V8 producing [email protected]
    I'm assuming he was referring to this car's power/litre.
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    Okay fair enough that is one car out of how many???
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    Don't get worked up by HSVnot4ME, just fire back with facts and figures - it's all you can do.
    And appart from the CLK-GT off my head I couldn't tell you; it's a one out of a million sort of car.
    I'd rather be driving a Rear-wheel drive car than an All or Front wheel drive car.
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    lol once again how much is that merc?
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    I don't get worked up...I just love ripping in to people given the right chance.
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    this would fit so well...

    "this is not about age, time spent on this earth doesn't mean that you grow in mind..."

    but i would have to agree wit you guys i mean i do keep and open mind about ford... n holden i am a holden fan but the thing that gets up ma nose is when ppl come over the other brands threads and start thrown mud and are never seen again..

    the competition between the 2 brands is good it means it keep prices down and keep each manufacure on their toes, and hence making it better for the customer.. US!
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    Some of them are as far as knowledge and wisdom goes.
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    generally i think its fair to say that (leaving specs out of it) the ts50 is a more unique car than the clubsport. thanks to the fact that there arent a million variants of it, and they arent as commonly seen.
    its an au and its a little ugly but id still rather be seen in a ts50.
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    this could be coes the car has been around for god knows how long... and the ts50 aint even had a b'day yet (as far as i know)
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    Yeah the TS50 has been round for a while and there is 2 generations of them. About 3 years now since the first TS50's were made.

    The Clubsports are ok cars, a mate of mine just brought a 2002 VXII LTD anniversary edition for $75k. Its goes ok, but then again it has an engine with nearly a 6 litre capacity to do it. My 1990 Skyline with only a 2 litre is just as quick, and faster down the 1/4.

    The TS50's are awsome, the differnce between them and the holdens are HSV's are mass produced, built by robots but the fords are largely handbuilt. The 5.6litre windsor is fully handbuilt, polished and balanced instead of an engine out of a box from america.
    Some people say well why isnt there hardly any TS50's on the road then? well go and order a new TS50 and see how long the waiting list is.. especially for a manual one

    Also generally the fords are so underated, especially here in nz the holden fans are very arragant. But its really amusing to see all the people who rushed out and brought monaros filling up ford yards cos they are being swaped for XR-6 turbos. And after driving a new BA XR-6 i can see why. Considering realistically the are round 270kw not 240.

    Ok, HSV's are ok, but factory holdens... what can you say? they dont know how to make there own engines..the V6 3.8 is a 25 year old buick design, the holden V8 is as lathargic as a teenager with asthma, the VL's had nissan engines and the GENII is a chev. and holdens do seem to have the major reliabilty issues with the genIII. Normally regarding the skirting in the top of the cylinder walls, creating major knocking and also engine failure. Also gearboxes, noisy and clunky.

    Luckily most the holdens out there are HSV's lol.

    BTW someone quoted the clubsprt and the TS50 @ 14.9, 14.7 down the 1/4.
    More like 13.8 for the HSV, 13.6 for the TS50 as tested in NZ

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    There are still some TS50s that havn't been sold, the demand can't have been too much. It also wasn't available with an Auto tranny, Ford didn't have one that could handle the torque.

    The XR6T does 'only' have 240kW, Ford achieved up to 270kW in testing but wound the boost down on the production engine to get more low-down torque and improve reliablity.

    The Ecotec version of the 3.8L V6 ONLY shares the block with the old Buick engine, everything else is new/redesigned. The engine problems that you are talking abou with the Gen III have also been reported on HSV's Gen III engines.

    I don't know how those NZ mags got those acceleration times, but both Motor and Wheels record their times with 2 people in the car and half a tank of fuel.
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    well if your telling me that TS50's and clubsports run high 14's in australia they are doing something very wrong. And it was only the 2nd gen TS50 not avaliable in manual, the first 5 litre version was avaliable in auto. And they acheived alot more than 270kw in testing, over 300kw actually. We had a standard XR6t dynoed here and it made 270kw at the fly. More like 240kw at the wheels- not the fly.

    And yeah i know the HSV's have problems to, plenty of them. My mates VXII clubsport has done 11,000kms and is on its 2nd transmission as well.

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