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  1. everyone else stay out

    MB W140 S280's
    Tell me about them. I'm going to look at one tomorrow maybe. I know if shit goes wrong it's $$$. I know the suspension maybe starts to go bad at 200k kms. I know the air con dies. Any easy to tell things to look for?

    I just want those double glazed windows.
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  4. what year is that?

    I'm not up to date on my Mercedes numbers.
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  7. nevermind looked it up.

    basically the big things to look for are electrical issues. these cars are getting to the age where all the sensors start to die off. the suspension can be checked and its normally not that bad to replace that stuff (its not that expensive, from a similarly aged 5 series BMW you're looking at 30 bucks for a tie rod end). just take your time and if need be get someone who knows Mercs to look at it. could be the best $100 bucks you'll ever spend. have a leak down test done and inquire on the service history. that engine has a timing chain and it does need to be replaced about every 150k kilometers and its a rather expensive service (around 1500). Mercedes make every part for every car they've ever made so finding spares shouldn't be a problem you just might have to pay a bit extra for it.
  8. they're solid cars built when a Mercedes was still a Mercedes so mechanically it shouldn't have many issues. just look out for the electrics, have the leak down test done on the engine, and take a close look at the service history.
  9. Yeah I've been checking out parts suppliers and even in this country there seems to be tons available. If it drives well and everything still works on it I might have to get a Merc tech look over it. It was formerly a wedding car and has apparently been well looked after (and looks it too). Should be a fun test drive anyway.
  10. you might find that the engine isn't quite as peppy as you'd like. the 6 cylinder S classes seem to be a bit lacking in that department.
  11. But they also get 11L/100kms which is fine. I'm happy with a slow car. I hardly ever drive my car fast anymore. I just want a relaxing cruiser.
  12. than this is most likely the car for you. they drive beautifully and you could drive it all day long and not get tired. the only issue you might have with it is the electrical but if you're dealing with a 16 year old car you take your chances. its also easy to work on so if you are mechanically inclined you can do most of the servicing yourself.
  13. this is all good to know
    MB forums have some doom and gloom stories, but i know it's going to be more expensive maintenance wise than any japanese car, but #$%#, its got double glazed windows !
    realistically it only has to last me 2 years too
    it seems like an interesting use of 5k though
  14. benzchat: i might buy this only because of the sweet as h*ck body kit and rimz
  15. even if it only lasts you 2 years and breaks you could probably part it out for more than 5k. the wheels on that alone would sell for 800 bucks here.

    edit: if that picture is the car your looking at its the right colour and everything. I'd buy that for 5k.
  16. really? you can buy the whole car none-running from niggers in oakland who dont afford to fix them from $500-$2000 here
  17. not all of us live in California where people need to buy the newest version every 3 years. that era of S class here would start at about 7k and go up to 12k for a really good example.
  18. He's christofurr
    I'm numbers
  19. here people a) dont like big cars because they think they absolutely guzle gas (this only uses 3L more per 100kms than my MR2) and b) shy away from euros because our location can make some parts expensive to get

    mostly its just people being stupid though

    i hope it drives nicely and has no obvious gremlins
  20. well played, well played.
  21. FOB from japland I assume?
  22. How much are you selling your missus for?
  23. its been used as a wedding car somewhere in canterbury for at least a few years according to the service book (the fact it actually has one is amazing) but it's an import
    dont know it it's a japper or a singaporean one
  24. i want at least 2k in my hand for a changeover so $7.5k or so. it'll easily be the cheapest on TM, but it also has a couple of minor paint "blemishes"
  25. that is a very good sign.

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