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  1. Hey , Could use your advice , I have the option to buy the extended warranty for the Touareg for $4,000.00 , 2 years or 40,000km (& $100 deductible)

    I just had new brakes (pads callipers rotors drum), control arm , think a new strut too , whole new steering module and pump.

    its got 100 000 km on it now ...

    it seems like a rip off like most extended warranties , but should I discount it so fast ?
  2. 2007 btw
  3. the only thing I've heard about going wrong with them is some of the electrics.

    all depends on what engine/how long you want to keep the car.
  4. I never recommend purchasing an extended warranty. You wouldn't get that 4 grand back with repair.
  5. Does that warranty even cover all possible costs?
  6. just get a different car
  7. probably keep it 2 more years ... its just the v6
  8. I usually think this way , but I have seen the parts that have been replaced in the first few years under warranty & it adds up.

    but if there is something common like water pump failure at around 100k I wanna know how much that stuff is liable to cost me.
  9. not likely , all friction parts will not be covered. and there is still a $100 deductible , so if a repair is 400$ I still have to pay the first $100 , same goes for all small repairs.
  10. Took a diesel 2010 Touareg out while I was in , it was basically the same car inside as mine but the engine is 15X better , much faster. just over 400 lb ft of torque was great and 20-25% better fuel economy.

    they wanted 42K for it with 100 000 km on it ...lol

    I looked on auto trader and found some same year 1/2 the km's for 35K

  11. what year is it? that might make all the differnce in the world, but $4k seems excessive.

    I got an extended warranty for the GTO because I only had like 6 months left on the factory warranty when I got it. rolled an extra 1300 into the financing for an extra 2 years of coverage, and I ended up getting about 1800 in repairs over the next two years (ECU, radiator, clutch master cylinder, parking brake cable, labor, labor, labor, labor).
  12. I think his point was get a car other than a Toureg
  13. 2007
  14. maybe , but all the same financial obstacles still come into play , you don't trade cars without someone taking a piece of the pie.

    More importantly I don't see a car in this segment I like as much as the Touareg.
  15. theres nothing I know that goes wrong with those engines. the electrical problems I've seen are mostly with rear lights and I've had to replace 1 wheel bearing (IIRC that cost 1200). end call is up to you. for 4k though I think its a bit much.
  16. Yeah , thats my thinking too , just didn't want to discount it so fast.

  17. I can see that kind of stuff happening on a GM. Good you got the warranty.
  18. diesels are the best engines for cars like this

    or infact any car over or near 2000 kg
  19. hell yeah , Parents have Diesel GL and S class and they are pretty amazing.

    in NA though our diesel options are kinda limited , they are getting better but they are usually pretty expensive.
  20. None of that stuff happened on any of my GM cars that I owned.
  21. I have.
  22. my one and only gm car was actually mechanically pretty good , but the finishes really went downhill fast.
  23. I think that sums up GM products pretty well.
  24. They still have my Touareg ,... its been in 4 times (5 now) and they have replace power steering pump , new steering module ... and they still cant find the problem ...

    they think it might be electrical ... ( i think its whatever controls the speed sensitive steering for some reason)

    symptoms: power steering is erratic , like might turn fine right but left will be stiff as a brick ... if I wilggle the wheel a bit , the side that its stiff might change.

    in the morning its stiff and almost non existant.

    when you turn a corner , normally the wheel will wrap back to center , currently it just tracks ...

    topping up fluid helped , for like a second then back to inconsistent.

  25. might be some air in the system. other than that it could be anything. I don't really have a ton of experience with the touregs (we only get 1 V6 Cayenne that comes to the shop and he hasn't had any problems).

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