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  1. so essentially all you need to do is buy a kit and refit everything. not the worst thing to have to do.
  2. Yeah the work's not bad but those kits don't come cheap
  3. exactly. if you want to cheap out on the carpet just buy some from that looks vaguely like the carpeting thats supposed to be in it from a carpet shop. you just have to take the time to cut it all yourself and them glue it in. many of the kits for carpets dont' use that snaps (which I find incredibly annoying) so you're essentially getting the same thing for a fraction of the price.
  4. That's an option. I'm still trying to decide where to draw the line with fixing it up. The end goal is to sell it, but I'm having fun messing around with it too.

    edit: I also don't want to go too shitty and cut too many corners. I feel like it's kinda insulting to the car. The other car I worked on had some really awful "restoration" work done to it that just pissed me off. It would have been better if left alone.
  5. the only way you can really screw up the carpet that way though is if the colour doesn't match the rest of the interior. its a pretty safe bet. even more safe if you have the old carpet that came out of the other car to maket templates with. that or just put the old carpet from the other car in yours.
  6. make it a rally car
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    Do a works replica car, you know you want to
  9. mmmm yes. Unfortunately the car is going on ebay on Thursday.
  10. I'll give you 100 dollars
  11. I bet you would haha

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