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  1. ne1 know what the TT stands for 800TT?
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    Your retarted, if you cared enough, it would take you 3 seconds searching on Google for gods sake to find that out.
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    screw u so i didnt know? ive seen sum of ur posts and trust me u cant say shit to me!
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    Calm down guys!
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    well isn't this a happy place...?
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    twin need to search on google...the engine is a v10 twin turbo.....the HP is 800 bhp........the CAR IS CALLED A 800TT how dumb are u....your a poeple are so stupid it makes me mad
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    He asked a simple question, don't call him a retard for asking it.
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    Agreed. Come on, the man just didn't know and that doesn't make him a retard. Sure there are things we don't know as well, and we wouldn't like being called retards for that...
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    Hennessey Venom 1000TT

    0-60 - est 2.2sec
    0-100 - est 5.3
    1/4 mile - 8.93 @ 149.65 (Terry Ruot, First man to run a Viper in the 8's)
    Top Speed - est 250mph

    You say? Got a link or any proof on that, was wondering?

    Plus why Twin Turbo when I know sonmeone who supercharged his 650r venom and did other tuning and got 1000 hp n it's probably faster than the 1000TT....?

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    Exactly. No need to be a dickhead about it.
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    u should have seen how much shit i copped when i asked how many Seats it has...
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    yeah thanx, the sites called so if i didnt know obviously im gonna ask, not go to a normal search engine
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    I suggest that whenhen you are trying to make fun of someone for being stupid that you spell "retarted" the right way.... retarded.
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    i agree with this guy...the man does have a point

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