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Discussion in '2001 Honda NSX-R Concept' started by Midnight Raven, Aug 10, 2002.

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    All in all, I wanted to say is don't diss people cus you don't agree, and the main thing is try not to pick out fights or arguements. Please.... I have enough of these for a long time especially when the american car lovers come and diss the NSXs......
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    Thank man you see that is what i like to see civilized people talking.

    Actually i kind of like arguing but am trying to stop since it is very stupid.

    Anyway I think that would be a cool idea making a nsx do 240mph. It would be fun but dangerous since the car is not made to crash or handle at that speed but it could be done. Also the goal that i want to do is to try to make it still street friendly. Sounds crazy but i'm thinking of a new gadget that makes the car accelerate slowly when slightly pushing the accelerator and acclerate quickly when flooring it. I guess i will need two nsx then one for cruising and one for track racing. Or just don't tune one at all. Yes my dream is kind of wierd but hey i could live with just owning one nsx and tunning it for everyday drivability and good performance numbers. I'm not realy sure what to do. I would love to have this purely stock nsx when it is like the year 2059 and drive it around while every one is wondering what is that car. Also i think the value will increase when it is considered to be a classic supercar. I don't even care if it is not worth that much cause it is staying with me till i die. Then i'll pass it on to my grand son or something and tell him to pass it on. And to never let it go.

    I would like to state to that i saw a viper today and about 2 corrvettes. And i yet still haven't seen 1 nsx since april of this year. What the heck. I'm never going to see one again. This is one reason why i want the nsx because it is beautiful, fast, and rare.
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    Not here, I saw the same silver NSX for 3 times and two of those are when he's really acceling, and I saw a black one at night, and a red one with a tuned WRX by it's side while I'm following them. I really want to see the pearl white NSX again...
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    Well, as far as I know, you were to make an "exception", don't you?

    No, don't like to showoff, believe me, no many people will care.

    Oh, and another thing; Im not made for prove you If I am mature or not, and, If you don't care, then you have to think that twice, because you will never know what the people get under the hand. So, don't be so self convinced of me for being "retarded", because you never get all the true from the people. . .

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    How old I am? Do you really care' Well, that's important because some 12 year old guy can be talking without knowledge. Facts? Don't you see any facts?, yeah, that's because there is NO FACTS about my range, and btw, I mention It because of being a "low" range", not a high one or something. Stop lying? That's Interesting because I've never began to.

    Tell me your age, and I will tell you too, I give you my word.

    Hoping to get a decent quote, If you have some attitude I'll have it too with you; I give you my word. -Again-

    So, despite of being a disturb for the "Midknight Raven", I hope not to be to other persons. In fact, I can have nice discussions with other users, but when people gets a judge of someone with no facts, there's when TOOORQUEOUS get mad.

    P.S: If I've hurt somebody's dream, well, let me apologize, but I want to recieve some juice of what Im saying, not only "Get the hell outta' here" responses.
    Oh, really, I almost forget It. Be relaxed, I don't hate any car just for having to be Japanese(And that's pretty cool).

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    Okay don't try to make me look bad cause i say something without knowing you. I just put my opinion based on the things you say. Like this comment. "Kid so young yet so stupid" Making me believe that you are not a kid. So i asume that you should be mature person but instead your making fun of me which is childish. You get what i mean I don't realy thing your a stupid person but more you do dumb stuff sometime, like making fun of kids.

    You can even notice it that when i didn't state my age everyone probably thought that i was an old guy. But right when i stated my age you guys saying something bad to me because of my age.

    This recently happen to me in the nsx fourm in nsxprime. I stated my age and one person thought that my car drawings are doodle. Like come on some 15 year olds can draw good just cause i'm young they think i'm like an stupid moron who can't draw. The guy didn't even see my pictures and he referes to them as doodles.

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    Yeah, as I expected. . .
    You defend your forum but you haven't got enough BALLS to get me. C'mon, don't be afraid of loosing you "Guru reputation" or that thing you mentioned. Feat me and fast, because I've been waiting like 1 week since I posted the last one. . .

    Oh, by the way, I have like 200 range, but because I know the shit I'm posting. No dreams, just facts.

    Waiting. . .

    There you go, you said, 'No dreams, just facts.' where is it? and now you said you don't have any facts?

    'yeah, that's because there is NO FACTS about my range, and btw, I mention It because of being a "low" range", not a high one or something'


    And yeah, you gave me lots of words.... I know that, thank you for reminding.... I don't really care if you're staying in this fourm or not, it's just that if there's things to be corrected, we should correct it.

    Anyways, since you can't (or anybody) stop someone's dream by just saying things on a fourm, so why don't we change the topic?

    BTW, I don't mean I don't like you coming in to talk, but I mean some other people coming in and diss the NSX, then leave.... not meaning you.... but SOME american car lovers.

    OK, I'm only 16 years old, but I talk respectivly and don't like to argue too much with people jumping in to flame someone.
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    Well, I've just get 17 years old the 8th. of october. Im tellin' In order to affirm my compromise, not to diss you.

    If you have any problems with some crap-users (ya know, those who say "NSX sucks, Camaro rules", and things like that), you can get some help from me If you need It some ocassion.

    Find me snoopin' around the Max. speed cars forums, and others.
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    Sorry for this late reply but "Happy happy birth day." You are now 18 cool. Everyone deserves a happy birthday greet even if you don't like eachother.

    I'm about to turn 16 so please on december 26 give me a big happy birthday please.
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    haha, i'm older than u by 2 months!
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    Oh, great, thanks!
    I'll be attent to recieve you well on dec. 26.
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    Ah, also, If you have some problem, I can be useful. Anyways, check out the other topics of this car If you wanna teach some lessons to those guys.

    See ya, I'll be In other forums If you need something.

    Have a nice day.
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    You'll see some in any NSX fourms. happy birthday.
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    You should learn how to respect others before you are even allowed to post on the net. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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    The nsx is a great car to build to a supercar. I'd rather build an r34 though, all wheel drive and all the drivetrain gadjets ownz me.
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    Couldn't of said it better, R34 rules all
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    haha, if u take the 4wd and and all those gadgets out, wut would happen? LOL!
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    Well if you want to buy the Skyline without the 4wd, you can, just go for the R34 Gt-S, it's RWD
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    It seems strange to ask "what would happen if you take the 4wd out"
    SAme thing as if you took the engine out of a Ferrari. It wouldnt move..

    But I see your point. I love the NSX, and the Skyline, but I think the NSX has that classic Supercar look to it.

    And, for midnight dude, the NSX's handling was tuned up by Ayrton Senna, and so I think it could possibly handle a bit more power going in. Its also a very light car too, and lightweight not only helps speed, but also braking times, and handling, so I think the NSX would make a great base for your project. The parts are out their to make a 600-700 bhp engine, and if I were you, I'd try and keep it naturally aspirated, cause Turbos can really get you into trouble when your going into a corner or something.
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    yea, weight is very important.
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    Yes, it is imperitive. The lighter, the better, I say. You can still 1up cars with more power if your weight is lighter.
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    Whoa!!! I wasn't expecting to see my 1 year old topic back up here. So I see more believe it can be done. I think the same way as you guys this car is great to start a project on. My goal if able to, is to have a very fast road car. Yes I want to make it fast as hell but still keep it street legal. Don't know if it can be done but I know if I can keep the weight down and increase power at the same time this thing will be a beast. I also plan on making a custom body kit basically a carbon fiber wide body that will give the car more downforce in the front and rear. I know this all seems like a project that will never be done but I don't plan to do this in like a year. I say the whole thing will take me like 5-10 years. Will work on it little by little and have a great performer. Basically it will be my track car and my other NSX will just be a daily driver. I love cars and I hope that maybe in the future I will be able to learn the mechanics of a car and be able to work hands on with my cars in the future. Actually another car that I would love to get is the Jaguar XJ220, beautifull car and fast as heck to.

    I don't know but I think I have a thing for 3000lb., V6 powered cars. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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