tuning a ferrari

Discussion in '1994 Hamann F40' started by fbodyrules, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. i personally think its morally wrong
    why screw with any handmade car, the tuner wont do it as well as the builder. ferrari's are perfect, tuning them is dumb
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    yes, but this Tuner is well known for their PROFESSONAL work on Ferrari's.
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    I have some of the same thoughts, but F40 is different. It's turbocharged and a true track weapon... I think Hamann, Michelotto and the like can improve the car. But tampering with 360, 575 or Enzo... Beware!
  4. It's a really tough matter istn't it? No car is perfect - each one can be tuned better. In this case though you've got the whole moral dilemma if it should be done.. it's a shame that an original F40 was lost to create this, but then again just look at the performance! It's crazy!! Dunno.. although I've got a feeling that if anyone should have touched a standard F40 it should have been Michelotto. Atleast this name has been for many years very close to Ferrari and it's kind of like a family. Hamann seems like an outsider.

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