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  1. depends what performance, straight line or track?
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    yea thnx for the vid...
    i saw it a while bak
    its all because of the acd and ayc....while the sti depends on its diffs
    but the sti spec c is alot better than the regular sti whcih sadly is not available in the US.
  3. if i had the money..the mustang GT-R concept for example; really badass,kickass,hell-born machine. lots of potential, both mechanical and virtual. but considering only the maximum tuning capability, the EVO is the one. i've seen 1000bhp EVOs that can actually turn! god bless 4WD and Ralliart.....
  4. none of them, because modding a car is shit
  5. How stupid can you get?
  6. care to explain......?
  7. He doesn't need to.
  8. Why dont you explain? Why is tuning cars shit?
  9. I would have to say the Camaro SS/Firebird trans am WS6 is the best pick. You can get alot of hp out of those motors. And they are really reliable.

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