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  1. What is the difference between this engine and the one in the 95-mod RX-7? They're both 1.3 litre, but the 95-mod is forced aspirated? Anything else? How hard would it be to tune this engine to be as good performance-wise as the 95-mod RX-7's?
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    Tuning an NA rotary is a *****. You're better off going with a V8 conversion if you have an NA RX7. The turbo II had a decent motor that can be tuned with about the same ease as with the FD's 13B-REW, and both turbo RX7 motors top out around 500hp before they get unruly.
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    puting a v8 in a rx7 is like puting a steam engine in a corvette.
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    I gess this is an old topic, but godda..
    V8...... get the fu.. out
    Rotary cars eat V8s for breakfast
    If you know what you're doing you can outtune what ever piston engine with that sweet 1.3 litre.
    If that still would not do, get a 20B, a 3-rotor wankel engine from hell
    You got you're self a lambo killer...
    But go turbo, rotary engines love forced induct

  5. What NastyRotary says is true.... I've seen a black FC3S with J-spec 13BT Engine with mild tune up completely leaving the Celica GTS behind... apparently, the FC only had about 250hp while the Celica had 280hp with the turbo... I don't know if it was because of the drivers but all I know is that I saw the FC smoking the Celica and that FC was quick to the extreme...

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