Turbo or GT2 (handling)

Discussion in '2002 Porsche 911 GT2' started by mach7, Aug 10, 2002.

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    actually i do have experiance and whatever shit your smokin must be the good stuff. my dad currently owns a 996 and i have never felt this "bumping" as you say. seriously you have your shit messed up. porsches handle nearly flawlessly. and saying the car wobbles at 130 is wrong, i have gone 130 in my dads with no problem. also you mentioned country roads. who would ever drive a GT2 on a "country road"? also, id like to see and impreza pull a 1.38 on a damp road. right. also, the prosche did it on a race track, which doesnt mean it was on an ideal turn condition for g forces.

    i guess you can go take your lil subaru and go try to race a GT2. see what happens.
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    well on the roads near me i kicked his assand i didnt say the 996 had the wobble problem and how come you onlybring this up that your dad has one now.
    And what the hell do u mean a race track isnt the best place to measure corner gthe impreza and evo pulled 1.38 g on a track so why cant a track focussed porsche do the same?
    and as to driving on country roads im hardly gona park the shed 8 miles away and walk home am I! believe me as a road car its nothing especially when compared to cars like the 360
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    well that shut you all up?
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    996 Turbo and a 996 GT2? Wow...
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    gt2 has a tighter and lower suspension..not to mention a race set up suspension..wider tires for a greater contact patch...and just because the turbo has awd doesnt mean it handles better...


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