Turbocharge it!

Discussion in '1936 Hotchkiss 686' started by MarkM91286, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. Someone buy one and put the smallest turbo you can find on it...just for the coolness factor. I know it's classic and everything, but still.
  2. Re: Turbocharge it!

    That would be awesome!
  3. My friend's dad has one that he has "hot-rodded" out and put a 60's BMW 700 sport engine in it to give it 40 hp. Because of the tiny space you are working with, it is insanely hard to modify or replace the engine. His is most likely the only Isetta in the world with something other than the stock engine in it.
  4. Yesss!! I found it, my new pimpmobile! I'm gonna take it home now put hydrolics and put some gold wheels on it. I'd be the pimp of the hood. Plus isn't that what steve ircle had on family matters?

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