Turbodiesel is the best!

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  1. I read your comments and they are typical for people who simply do not know the new German turbodiesels. They are higher developed than any diesel in the USA.

    In Europe, diesel is the cheapest fuel.

    The new injection systems ("CommonRail") used by Mercedes and BMW inject the fuel with a pressure around 1500- 1800 bar, that`s three times higher than the old diesel engines.
    All modern CommonRail-engines are completely made from aluminium, have 4 or 5 valves per cylinder and are managed by computers.
    DonŽt forget the 2 turbos.

    Example: The new Mercedes S 400 CDI has a 4-litre V8 CommonRail-Diesel with 250 hp and torque of 550 Nm.
    The Mercedes S 430 with gasoline V8 has 4.3-litre of displacement and somewhat around 285 hp.
    Although the curb-weight of the S 430 is lower, the S 400 CDI accelerates faster from 60- 120 kph than the S 430.

    There are no black clouds, no smell, no noise anymore.

    Greetings from Europe,
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    Shows what you know... the engines may be of a higher quality, but the comps used for timing and the engine materials are crap compared to the American's. Now, understand, I hate American cars, but I must admit, we DID invent them.<!-- Signature -->
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    The rate gasoline prices are in Europe now, I would have no problem concidering a diesel...<!-- Signature -->
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    actually, it's the americans that use the crap materials, and the europeans that use the good ones.
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    its the americans who build the crap cars, and europeans who build the good ones :D
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    Did invent what? Cars? I don't think the Americans were the first to build a car. I believe it was mercedes.
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    In near future I would rather buy a diesel car... its cheaper to fix and it doesn't eat a lot of gas... so what if its too slow but once the gass prices will sky rocket all I will have to say.... HAHA HAVING FUN WITH YOUR 700HP CAR!!
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    What about Ford T you "foreger"!!!
    Mercedes is Spanish while Benz is German!!!Only in '98 Merc became American-German!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    jeesus, where did you hear all this!? Ford T was the first ASSEMBLY LINE car, thats not the same as the first car WHICH infact BENZ made.
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    ty for all the anonymous American bashing. After all us Americans drink Busch beer and drive Mustangs. You've captured our essence.
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    America is a great place to own a foreign car. Cheap gas alot cheaper insurance than Europe but There is one little car fron this wonderful land of capitalism that I cannot deny loving the Vette.
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    Yea man! America makes crappy cars! And parts too!

    I'm so sick of everyone bashing America that it's not even funny. I'm convinced that we could make a car that's top speed is 260, a 0-60 time of 2.3 seconds, handles excellent, gets 60 miles a gallon and costs $20,000 and everyone would find a way to criticize it. I can talk until I'm blue in the face about how American cars are not that bad, and it would do absolutely no good at all. Some people are just too stubborn.
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    I would not say that diesel is cheaper to fix.If we are talking about new diesels they cost you more money to start with,but if something goes wrong i think it costs much more than gasoline engines.
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    well said us europeans/brits need to stick together

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