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  1. Anyone ever done that flavoured tobacco shit like they do in Turkey through a hookah? A friend just brought some round to mine today and we did all sorta awesome flavours like melon, grape, mint, mango... was yum.
  2. Yeah, there are Hookah bars all over the place here, it's the only kind of smoking I ever do.
  3. Yup. Apple's pretty good.

    Cherry was ok.
  4. yes i do it quite often when im at a friend's house(he's iranian). love apple flavour.
  5. Turks, ugh....
  6. What about them?
  7. Shisha is great. Best when drunk.
  8. Proper chicha is actually a genious way of smoking stuff.
  9. Try half tobacco and half drugs.
  10. They are the worst
  11. Umm everyone knows that already. But their nakhla tobacco is excellent.
  12. morrocans are worse. turks can be friendly.
  13. Got my own... try putting ice in the water next time, get it nice and cold.
  14. I've done hookah before. I don't really see the point, just makes me sick if I do too much, and tastes nowhere near as good as pot. The social aspect I enjoy, but seriously I'd rather just be getting high.
  15. Well the point is the taste/social aspect. Because if you get high it kinda ruins the quality of discussion... not that it wouldn't be fun though. But srsly, if chicha makes you sick ur doin it wrong.

    Anyway, there is a time for intellectual talk with some 60-yo french-algerian professor with a chicha and some mint tea and there's a time for giggling and watching pkmns with your red-eyed freidns. I appreciate both.
  16. Yeahh my friend said that is an awesome flavour to do as well, will have to try that one next time.
  17. isn't the flavor paste hella expensive these days due to taxes?
  18. shits awesome; you had a hooka and never tried it before?
  19. Nah the hookah wasn't mine. My friend brought it over. Was funny cos she left some of her tobacco packets behind... my dad found em later but he thought they were candy lol.
  20. Had shisha a few times before. Couple years ago thought id be cool and put some weed on it (was at a turkish cafe) needless to say i was kicked out immediately and luckily for me the cops werent involved. Another time one of my mates egyptian mates had some shisha, we were at his house, my mate knocked the hookah over and that shit burns like crazy and is really hard to put out once lit since its burns almost like coal, left really bad marks on the vinyl and carpet. Ouch.
  21. That's because it is coal. I've seen that go bad many times because of drunk people. Over my friend's place a few times someone has knocked it over, burning a hole in the carpet and one time an electrical wire.

    Was also at a party once and someone set a couch on fire with the coals. We kind of got out of the hookah phase, most of my friends that smoked it moved on to cigarettes.
  22. Most Armenians that I know do it, but I hate it..

    I used to do it regularly, but I dont like it anymore... Now it just disgusts me

    and I also hate how they do it, its an Arabic thing to do.. makes Armenians look like Arabs... <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  23. +1 Hookah for the win.
  24. Yeah it's disgusting. I'd rather dip all day long baby

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