Turkish supercar

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by Innotech, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Oh a bump.
  2. Doesn't look bad at all
    Also not really special, a bit generic sportscar
    But not bad
  3. What happened here?
    What are these tail lights?
    What is this motor?
    Did GM take over the turkish car industry?
  4. Are you a retard?

    Lots of supercars use taillights from normal cars. For example the rear lights on the Lamborghini Diablo's are also on busses.
  5. and on the pagani zonda.
  6. Correct and I'm pretty sure there's other cars which have them too.
  7. Turkish?
    Then I have to say no thanx.
  8. I really like the rear section of this car
  9. Could've been worse. I see some McLaren F1 in it, which isn't that bad. They could've perfected the car's underbody, you can see the ground and surroundings through the intakes...

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