tvr powered elise?

Discussion in '2002 Lotus Elise Type 72' started by tvroverferrari, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. a tvr straight 6 out of the tamora would make the elise fly, 360 bhp makes 476 bhp/tonne. the elise might not be able to take the power though, or twin turbo the standard engine.

    check out the hamann pimp range rover
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    TVR powered Elise..........holy crap that would be fast.........wouldn't really work and I wouldn't really want it too.......I'm very happy with the lineup at the moment!<IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
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    If you were going to mount the TVR I-6, jsut put in the 4.2 litre 450hp engine from the Tuscan R. Same engine block, bore/stroked up, and tuned to the max.

    Too bad it could never work.
    The engine is too long and too tall.

    Just toss in the 2.0L from teh S2000
    Don't really need the torque of a larger engine

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    wouldn't putting more HP (like copious gobs of it) in an elise make things fragile.. like .... DRIVETRAIN?

    you'd need a stronger clutch, tranny, etc.. etc.. this would add to weight.. not to mention having that extra weight for the engine and drive train would totally throw off the cars weight distrabution... making it handle.. not as perfect!

    just a thought

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    Common swap, and it's a very potent combination (the car & the engine together).
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    I'll bet it is!

    If the thing gets up to 60 in like 5.5 to begin with (I think that's right), one with S2000 power would REALLy smoke!
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    and it would start reving really high which i think suits the car
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    It would be mad to put a TVR engine in, end up killin your self with G's. bit over the top but would be very fast. Have Lotus tried a super bike engine?

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