TVR reborn.

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    There's a flicker of life over at TVR. The eccentric British sportscar firm has a brand-new website, complete with a revised logo that harkens back to the company's 1954 original. That's far from the grand plans that the company's owner, Nikolai Smolenski, had drawn in the clouds, but at least its something. reports that TVR will now source you one of the company's used models and completely rework the vehicle's systems. The engine gets swapped for a new General Motors LS3 mated to a five-speed transmission, while the interior gets the appropriate amount of spit and polish as well. It just goes to prove that there's nothing that a small-block can't fix.

    PistonHeads also says that TVR will be happy to give current TVR owners' vehicles the same level of treatment. Right now, it's unclear exactly how much such a revitalization will cost, but we wouldn't plan on it being cheap.

    In more interesting news, TVRBlog indicates that plans are afoot for a new Tuscan 4, which is likely to be a roadster. The open-topped sports car is likely the previously rumored TVR MD1, and it's possible that the model will debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

    Head over to the TVR website for more information.
  2. everytime i read TVR, it just reminds me how much i want a sagaris with the i6
  3. ive only seen one tvr irl, but it was so awesome. they sound so good. good to see them back
  4. meh, to get rid of the tvr engine is to get rid of a lot of its character

    yeah yeah its more reliable blah blah blah who cares
  5. They made their own engines?
  6. Stop posting.

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  8. I'll bet that you can't even degree cams YOU ENORMOUS FAGGOT
  9. I'm happy for this news.
  11. ys

    but if they were going to rerelease them i wouldnt care what engine they put in them so long as theres more new ones on the roads
  12. how many have you seen in real
  13. at least put something that isn't a chevy small block.

  14. ive seen like 4-5 (wow !!) tvrs here
    many more in englolnd

    how many have you seen
  15. Only 3
    First was a Griffith 5.0 (omg) years ago
    And 2 Cerberas
  16. No I can't and so what? At least I don't pretend to know everything.
    One of the reasons I'm on this fourum is to learn. Why the hate?
  17. Actualy, TVR started out using other engines, like the Ford small block V8. So this isn't that far out of character. If it helps them get back into the business of building cars, then it's a good thing. They can go back to making engines later.
  18. yeah but those AJP engines are badass
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    even though it's a garbage American engine, I think it sounds better

    LS7 Sagaris -
    Regular Sagaris -
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    im going to have to agree to disagree with you

    the first one just sounds like every other stupid fat american car
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    2nd one sounds better.
  22. if you ignore the cost, reliability, maintenance, and fuel economy. Because my dream car has a very unreliable engine made by a company that may suddenly disappear making the much needed replacement parts even more expensive and meaning it spends even more time in the garage waiting for parts or driving it in constant fear of the engine breaking. That my friend is driving excitement.
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    When it comes to sound and TVR's

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    yeah but that ls7 has str8 pipes on it. It will never pass an MOT like that, whereas the standard engine will, and hence why it won't sound as good

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