TVR speed 12 vs. Dauer 962 LM

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    "1. Woah, you obviously dont understand ANYTHING about cars and weight distribution. To your eyes, any car labeled with "front engine" has poor weight distribution. Well maybe its time you get your head out of your ass and find out that the Speed 12 has a perfect, 50/50 weight distribution. The Speed 12 is practically a reversed 962, just switch the positions of the engine and cockpit and you get a Speed 12 config."

    I suppose the many supras, wrx's, porsche's, s13's and so on (cars which depend on and benefit from perfect or near perfect weight distribution) I have built over the years which were in most cases turbo and twin turbo engines (not stock cars, but performance cars usually in the range of 450hp+) means I dont know 1 thing about 50/50 weight distribution huh? Well holy shit I wonder how it is that I have been able to completely redo cars (drivetrain, suspension, interior, exterior and so on) for customers, friends, and myself which were then run in a variety of events they managed to win or come in 2nd place.

    "2. The Speed 12 is over twice cheaper than the Dauer, and the Veyron offers just as much luxury as a Mercedes S class, if not more, with mind blasting straight line performances."

    A wrx I just recently built for a customer (drivetrain, suspension and so on) beat a brand new viper gts (with the 650r package) yet the wrx with what I did to the engine and suspension still costs $35-38,000 less then the viper did (the viper without the 650 engine package, with the 650r engine package I managed to save the customer close to $42k) and somehow it managed to beat it in ever category at the local speedway including the 1320. Mere price proves nothing, It was sad to see you had to respond with that. Sure the Speed 12 is cheaper then the Dauer, hell that could be because the speed 12 has no racing background like the Dauer does, or it could be a number of other things which I will not speak of here because anyone who reads this same site can see for themselves. The veyron is a prototype drag queen, that's it, the veyron is not a miracle or anything close to a miracle, its a overpowered, heavy piece of shit which with its quad turbo v16 manages to be only 2.50 to 3mph faster then the Dauer, that would be of course if the Veyron's top speed was real and was not an estimation.

    "3. Maybe your brain cant understand anything on the first try, so ill explain again. The video i posted above is a owned and street legal Speed 12, and the owner drives it quite often, too. And its not a prototype."

    1. Here's a thought - when u choose to post a video provide the video itself and not just a link, so that it can be opened in various media players and so that it can be fast forwarded and re-winded to certain parts, also so I wont have to sit through watching some dipshit who can't shift worth a damn.

    2. Thank you for posting a link to a video in which one of the people who took a hand in designing and building the car is indeed driving the car. Of course the owner is driving the car, hes probably the owner or is in someway tied in with the people who built the car.

    "5. I've never said that the TVR went faster than the Dauer, but its also very easy to find evidence that the Veyron did beat that speed."

    Thank you for that wonderful paragraph of horseshit. If you would like to continue posting links to the estimated topspeed of the Veyron do so now. Or you can just go into the veyron section of this forum and look at all the fanboy morons who beleive the veyron can go faster then 250 BUT THEY HAVE NOT ONCE POSTED ANY EVIDENCE AS TO THIS HAPPENING. I just loved the link you provided for the topspeed of the veyron, which may I add doesn't show a timeslip or a movie of the veyrons spedometer but their is a fancy little technical specs section at the bottom of the page where people can see the following - "Top Speed 406 km/h / 252 mph". Damn you are good you spent all this time wanting to write a bullshit rebuttle to my post yet you managed to not find 1 shred of evidence to the veyron's invisible topspeed. However I have managed to find a job which you would be really good at - a politician, as a politician you could lie and bullshit people all day long with no proof whatsoever (much like what you do here only you can get paid generously for it).

    "And its funny because Jeremy Clarkson drove it on the road across a couple different coutries and said it was probably the best car ever made. Want me to find you a link?

    Here i found one.

    And here's a second one:"

    Amazing you had to stoop to finding a p2p program to direct me to. However being that for xmas for my nephew I upgraded and reformatted his computer which I found 65 trojan horses and 22 viruses on (all coming from Azureus) I'm going to listen to my conscience and not destory my computer by using a p2p program so that you can prove your half ass theories, I would advise you to do the same. When you manage to download those files, reformat your computer from all the viruses, trojan horses, and spyware that Azureus allows on their program, and then you upload those movies to a website (you can find more then a few websites which will let you upload gigs of movies for next to no money) you can post the link to you're website which contains the movies and I will check them out. However if you do so you may want to read the agreement with the website you choose to go with (most sites who allow movies to be uploaded will require you to scan the files with antivirus software, afterwards if it is found that the files have viruses, said sites will cancel your agreement and take the movies down, they will then send you an itemized bill usually in the range of $2,500+ in the mail for the damages you have caused on their server because you love to use p2p programs!!)

    When you get tired of playing need for speed underground and stop fantasizing about yourself being a car designer and builder and get a real job in the auto world where you give a hand in designing cars, then you can attempt to talk to me about things like weight distribution downforce, performance and how all these things are achieved. Until that time however If I were you I would stop while you are ahead. Oh and BTW when you manage to find the fictional topspeed of the veyron post it here, I would love to see it, especially since it doesn't exist. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  2. TVR 12 speed 2 times cheaper than the 962 LM?

    Boys, calm down, the 12 Speed is onyl one-off, not street-legal other than the UK, just two prototypes ever were ande and it has been sacked due to being not driveaable and just one car has been restored and hit the road. Absolutely no comparison to the Dauer 962 LM, aporven Le Mans winner from which 13 cars were made and sold.
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    1. Ok, so your saying that any car with a front mounted engine has a bad weight distribution, so your saying that if a 962 was going in reverse (which would make it a front engine, technically) its weight distribution would CHANGE and become "unperfect"???

    2. What the %@^$? Man i dont give a ^#$% if you build a mind blowing fast WRX, the fact is that you said in your previous post that the TVR was costing millions to make road legal, while it doesnt.

    And the Veyron's top speed is not an "estimate", Azjahn right above this post can tell you that himself, he posted an article about it a few months ago and it DID get a 252mph top speed.

    3. Its nearly 1gb in size and i was certainly not bother going to pay anything to upload it anywhere for you.

    However your lucky, google video just got it a few days ago.

    Also, he is not the owner of the car, and if you even bothered watching the video, you'd have noticed that in the end he said "it was a hollow victory, because now i'll have to live knowing that i will never, ever own this car". He also did not have anything to do with the Veyron being build, thats Jeremy Clarkson, he works at the show "Top Gear", and he just tests cars, nothing more, he has absolutely NO CONNECTION with VW/Bugatti, he drives a Ford GT.

    5. As i said, Ajzahn right above this post can tell you that it did in fact reach 252mph.

    And i dont play NFS:U, i play GTR and Gran Turismo.
  4. The Bugatty 16/4 Veyron is officially registered (as whitenessed by geverning body TÜV)to 407 km/h respectively 253 mph, FACT!
  5. Thank you.
  6. who gives a shit if the bugatti went 1mph faster, the dauer is the ultimate road car
  7. "1. Ok, so your saying that any car with a front mounted engine has a bad weight distribution, so your saying that if a 962 was going in reverse (which would make it a front engine, technically) its weight distribution would CHANGE and become "unperfect"???"

    Did I say that? No. Please learn to read. I however did say the following -

    "I suppose the many supras, wrx's, porsche's, s13's and so on (cars which depend on and benefit from perfect or near perfect weight distribution) I have built over the years which were in most cases turbo and twin turbo engines (not stock cars, but performance cars usually in the range of 450hp+) means I dont know 1 thing about 50/50 weight distribution huh? Well holy shit I wonder how it is that I have been able to completely redo cars (drivetrain, suspension, interior, exterior and so on) for customers, friends, and myself which were then run in a variety of events they managed to win or come in 2nd place."

    If you had at least tried to read and comprehend what I posted above instead of reading just the first few words and skimming through the rest like an idiot you would have come to the following conclusion.

    1. Maybe this guy having built more then 25 high performance car has at least somewhat of a clue as to wtf he is talking about, and being that my automotive experience costs only of time spent playing gran tourismo 4 I should leave this conversation to people who unlike me have some idea as to wth they are talking about.

    I have built many high performance cars, which in turn were entered in various races ie autocross and so on. Being that these same cars which I have built for specific races (88% of theses cars needing to have a near perfect 50/50 weight distribution) I'm more then confident that I have a better understanding of what does and does not have a perfect or near perfect 50/50 weight distribution, and how such a thing is achieved then you would. Keep in mind if the very cars which I had built in the past did not have a close to or perfect 50/50 weight distribution then the business which I work for would have gone bankrupt a long time ago. If you seem to not understand the points I am trying to make then proceed to voluntarily admit yourself to a psych ward to be locked in a padded room so that you will not make humanity dumber by talking about things you don't fully understand.

    If for some reason you continue to think you know more about this subject then someone as I who have built many porsches, wrx's, evos, and so on then please share with us all detailed documented information (step by step pictures which show you building more cars then I have)however until you do that dont even bother trying to talk about things which you really shouldn't be talking about in the first place (like weight distribution), as funny as it is for me to watch you go to such great lengths to talk about a subject in which the only experience you have with the subject is that of playing gran tourismo 4, it also is quite pathetic to watch, and you should stop soon.

    "2. What the %@^$? Man i dont give a ^#$% if you build a mind blowing fast WRX, the fact is that you said in your previous post that the TVR was costing millions to make road legal, while it doesnt."

    I spoke somewhat of the reason why I posted about building certain cars. Again since you obviously havn't grasped the points I have tried to make to you time and time again, you should proceed to read and re-read everything I have typed in all my posts on this topic until they sink into you're thick non-automotive experienced head (now I know this will be a hard thing for you to do since you are alway trying to impress people with the sheer amount of things you have learned from playing gran tourismo 4, but sit down in you're chair, stfu, and let the idea that maybe since you're only automotive experience comes from playing a video game that you should listen to someone who HAS ACTUALLY dealt with this subject in real life). Cars with flat motors have a close to perfect weight distribution stock from the factory. The only way you can go about further increasing the weight distribution on a wrx (like the one i built) is by lowering the engine a few inches in the engine bay, and other things which many people know about.

    Since you aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer I shall explain - I spoke of the wrx because wrx's much like porsches have a very good weight distribution. Therefore making the wrx one of the most desireable import cars to have.

    "the fact is that you said in your previous post that the TVR was costing millions to make road legal, while it doesnt."

    Every single prototype vehicle costs upwards of $1million+ to build. Being that ONLY 2 prototypes of the speed 12 were created that would mean the cost of each vehicle to be designed and built is in the millions, possible 2.5 million or more. It doesn't matter who builds them that's just how it is. The TVR Speed 12 is NOT street legal ANYWHERE in the world EXCEPT FOR PARTS OF THE UK. The video you posted is of a PROTOTYPE speed 12 which someone either bought from the designer and fixed the problems with it, after the idea for the car was cancelled, or the designer of the car for some reason chose to fix the problems the car had and decided to try and sell it to come out even on the money he has put into the vehicle.

    "And the Veyron's top speed is not an "estimate", Azjahn right above this post can tell you that himself, he posted an article about it a few months ago and it DID get a 252mph top speed."


    Of the many people who have posted about the "imaginable" topspeed of the 16/4 veyron NOT A SINLE ONE OF THEM to this date have PROVIDED TANGIBLE EVIDENCE. THEIR IS NO TANGIBLE EVIDENCE OF THE TOPSPEED OF THE VEYRON, THEIR NEVER HAS BEEN AND THEIR NEVER WILL BE. Interesting however as you will see in some topics on the 16/4 when I ask for this so called "proof" of the topspeed (which everyone but me seems to know about, but cant provide) nobody has procided or can provide proof, the only response they give (much like you're response) doesn't even speak of this "proof", their only response is and has been "well this person said it happened" or "these people tested it, but the only information for the topspeed they show is what bugattit told them to say", or they do what you tried to do above (not speaking about the topspeed whatsoever, but proceeding to verbally attack me and trying to change the subject) because what they beleive in is a lie, and because they have no lifes and low self esteem they can never somprehend that no matter how many times someone provides more proof against what they have said and think to be true. Remember how I said before that you should be a politician? Well I wasn't joking, from watching you're responses to my posts, I have gathered that you would greatly succeed at doing so, because you beleive in something so much but you have no proof of what you beleive in, it will only be a matter of time before you promise americans something and then you royally #$%# them over, in which americans as stupid and blind as they are continue to beleive in politicians for some ungodly reason. It would seem as though we are back to the he said she said bullshit of junior high school, maybe afterwards we can meet by the bicycleracks during recess and fight.*sarcasm*

    And finally your last post - "And i dont play NFS:U, i play GTR and Gran Turismo." Proved what I said about you having no clue as to how 50/50 weight distribution is attained. When you feel like making an ass out of yourself again, please do so here on this topic, so that I can continue lauighing at you with your're vast amount of experience that you gained from playing gran tourismo 4 "GTR and Gran Turismo." Maybe after this I can call myself a ninja because I have played tenchu and many other games on the ps2, hell if you can do it so can I. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  8. can there a be a thread whcih doesnt include the veyron?
  9. not when it comes to top speed and acceleration! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  10. Yes and their have been many, however when in-experienced forum whores who love cars like the veyron decide to post about it with the false innacurate information and not the real information, we have a problem.
  11. 1. Ok im gonna make you a little drawing...

    w = wheels, e = engine, c = cockpit.

    The cars are facing this way ---->

    This is the Dauer: w e c w

    This is the Speed 12: w c e w

    As you can see, its the perfect oposite, just make the Dauer go in reverse, and you have the same layout as a Speed 12 (you obviously change the design, but the layout of the car is still identical, only inverted).

    2. You said nobody was willing to pay millions to drive it, that person did not pay millions for it. Period.


    Im not going to bother reading beyond that point.

    Except that the "OMG CAPS!!11! LOL!1!" drew my attention and i couldnt help but notice that you still dont believe the Veyron did reach over 250mph.

    Read the post below.
  12. If you can read, at the end of that text is written the word...

  13. So let me get this straight, you consider what someone has said on a forum which has alot of wrong information to be the truth, even though they HAVE NOT shown any proof of this event in question ever happening, but since they said the following "fact!" you beleive that to be true? That is not and can not be considered as prood, if you honetly think that is proof then my friend you need to get out more, because you have spent too much time on this forum, which has led you to think like mpg and mt900s.

    Fact - I have asked people on this forum more then a dozen times to provide this "invisible" "unattainable" "imaginable" "estimated" "false" information of the 16/4 veyron beating the dauer's topspeed of 251.25mph, TO THIS DATE noone who beleives the veyron has beaten the Dauer's topspeed of 251.25mph HAS EVER POSTED THIS INFORMATION OF THE 16/4 REACHING A TOPSPEED FASTER THEN THE DAUER'S. Therefore since no information exists on this ever happening, and NOONE HAS POSTED IT ANYWHERE ON THIS FORUM, their is no such information. Also until this supposed "evidence" which many of you beleive that speaks of and provides elligible proof of the 16/4 going faster then 251.25mph is posted here, THEIR IS NO EVIDENCE OF THIS EVER HAPPENING PERIOD.

    You people would love so much to see a oversized, overpowered, piece of crap car built buy a non-credible manufacturer who recently declared bankruptcy be known as the fastest prototype non street legal car in the world that you have failed to provide the information of the 16/4's "imaginable" topspeed.

    In that case as long as their is no proof posted on this forum of the 16/4 veyron going faster then 251.25mph, I am now going to say that my subaru wrx is the fastest street legal production car in the world, hell if you guys can do the exact same thing with the veyron 16/4 then I shall do it with my wrx. Oh and btw my wrx has a estimated topspeed of 350mph. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    Strange I have a weird sense of deja vu. Could it be that I have read the word "estimated topspeed" or some form of those words in the technical specs of a certain car which has 16 cylinders? Hmm.... I know I read that somwehre I just cant seem to remember where..... OH THAT'S RIGHT THE TECHNICALS WHICH EVERY MAGAZINE WHO HAS SUPPOSEDLY TESTED THE VEYRON WROTE TOP SPEED - ESTIMATED, AS DID BUGATTI.

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    Just do a ^$#%ing google research you dumbass...

    But i bet you still wont believe it because they havent caught it on video and got the tape signed by the president or something. Dude just face it, the Bugatti did beat the Dauer, period!
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    Thank you for responding to my posts. Any somewhat bright person would have stopped posting factless bullshit the first time their fake information was disproven, but you feel the need to go on and post more factless, fanboy shit that you beleive in but can't provide any proof of, therefore since I enjoy in watching people who have too much free time go to great lengths to try and prove lies to be the truth I will now prove yet once again how your recent posts on this topic are no more then fanboy bullshit which DOES NOT need to be posted here.

    Below I will post the links which you provided as seen above, I will then comment on these links and share with you why they not only prove nothing, but they were a waiste of your time to even include in your last post. So here we go <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>.

    1. ""
    I seem to remember asking for some form of proof of the veyron 16/4 going faster then the Dauer 962 LM's topspeed of 251.25mph, whether it be a picture of the spedometer of the 16/4 or a printout at the track which it was supposedly tested. Since you managed to provide neither of those forms of proof (video or pictures) but you instead chose to provide me with a snazzy article some corporate tool wrote up that in no way proves the estimated topspeed of the 16/4 veyron you're first link means nothing. I especially loved the picture of the 16/4 at the top of that article, however as to what that picture is supposed to prove I have no idea.

    2. ""
    The following is the extent of information which you're second link took me to -

    "Best use of £100 of super-unleaded in 12 minutes: driving a Bugatti Veyron at 253mph. Twelve minutes is how long it takes to empty the 100-litre (22-gallon) tank at that speed."

    That in no way proves anything. I too can write an snazzy lengthy article.

    One day a couple of corporate suits just having started to recover from declaring bankrptcy, because they found they could never pay back the money they borrowed to build a useless overpowered quad turbo car like the 16/4, decided that the easiest way they could get richer would be to exxagerate about the estimated topspeed of an unstable, unproven, untested prototype, so they could once again screw many people who are too stupid to think for themselves out of thousands possibly even millions of dollars.

    Funny I liked my paragraph respnse better, could be due to the fact that it is true.

    3. ""
    The following paragraph I have quoted from the above link -

    "Bugatti has created the world’s fastest, most expensive — and most polluting — sports car. An article in the UK's Sunday Times claims that environmental campaigners have attacked Bugatti for producing a vehicle that boasts an average fuel economy of 11.7mpg and spews out 574g/km of carbon dioxide. The Veyron car boasts a top speed of 253mph and can be yours for £700,000."

    Sorry to break it to you but that paragraph doesn't prove a damn thing. I thought I made myself very clear when I asked you to provide proof. Apparently you didnt read that part of my last post, if you had you would not be posting useless factless paragraphs as you're "proof".

    I noticed on the last link that under the very cool paraghraph of shit their are 2 links one going to an article on the veyron and one going to bugatti's own site. Therein I shall talk about these 2 links.

    link 1 - ",,2087-1774831,00.html"
    That link takes me to an article written by an editor who doesn't care about proof, but seems to care about writing about false subjects like the 16/4 so they can get better ratings for their magazine.

    link 2 - ""
    Upon going to the bugatti site after clinking on the desired language which you choose to view the site in I found myself in a very interesting situation. The only part of that site which Describes the 16/4 in detail is under the "Concept Cars" category, now please forgive me if I am wrong but if the 16/4 is in production as many of you claim it is, then why have the very people who designed and built the car chosen to list it in the "Concept Cars" part of their website? If you cannot figure this out then you should not be allowed to post on any forum, ever. Upon clicking on the "Engineering" tab I was taken to a part of the site in flash (the worst flash site I have ever seen in my life) which talked about the engine, transmission, and specs of the 16/4. The specs part is the section which I find extremely interesting. Upon reading the engineering which talk about the engine, dimensions and other useless bullshit, I find myself in awe that Bugatti has chosen to not include the estimated topspeed which they made up, surely if you owned a car which has a faster topspeed then 251.25 mph you would gloat about it every chance you could. Since I did not find any proof of the estimated topspeed on that part of the site, I decided to go to the news section of the Bugatti site, surely they would provide some proof (a picture of the spedometer or of the official timestamp, or a movie of the vehicle showing the spedometer as well as the timestamp) However I was shocked (not really shocked as their is no proof) when I saw that the only proof on Bugatti's site which even mentions the estimated topspeed, doesn't even include a photo or a video of this event happening. Yet I once again find myself looking at a written pargraph which talks about the estimated topspeed. Keep in mind that at the Ehra Lessien test track their are speed traps of sorts setup to document every piece of info on a car being tested their, yet noone can produce the "estimated topspeed" evidence. The paragraphs also states that the German Homologation Authority supervised and "officially chronometeredby their precision measuring units" (basically they tested and recored every amount of info they could) Yet somehow the very people who supposedly tested the estimated topspeed of the 16/4 couldn't provide the info.

    Interesting the very people who own and tested the car, and the very people who tested the car with their "officially chronometeredby their precision measuring units" haven't once provided any proof.

    If you still feel that the 16/4 veyron in some way go faster then the Dauer's 251.25 mph speed then please for the love of god post it here, BECAUSE ALL THE SUPPOSED EVIDENCE WHICH YOU HAVE PROVIDED HASN'T PROVEN SHIT.

    Keep in mind that the recorded topspeed for the Dauer 962 LM wasn't the actual topspeed of the car, if I remember correctly the person who drove the Dauer did not have enough track room to get the actual topspeed, that and the fact that he was too scared at 251.25 mph.

    "Just do a ^$#%ing google research you dumbass..."

    If all the proof which I posted on a forum didn't prove anything I would be mad too (oh that's right no I wouldn't because before I say or do anything I make sure I have concrete proof) however if you choose to fling insults at me because you're proof didn't prove anything we can go that route. I found it very entertaining when other people like mpg did the same thing you're about to do, even more so entertaining when he made a complete ass out of himself and stopped posting comments when he finally realized he was full of shit.

    "But i bet you still wont believe it because they havent caught it on video and got the tape signed by the president or something. Dude just face it, the Bugatti did beat the Dauer, period!"

    Hmm I recall saying that the proof I wanted was either a piture of the spedometer or signed official timestamp, or a movie of the 16/4's topspeed including a camera on the spedometer and a camera on the timestamp at the end of the run. The only proof you have provided to date has been a bunch of articles which someone wrote, no pictures and no movies. If I was a village idiot I too would beleive in articles which don't include concrete evidence, however since i'm not and I seem to have the ability to know a bullshit article and a hoax by a auto manufacturer who wants to make more money after going bankrupt that wont happen.

    I suggest you spend the same amount of time you have waisted in beleiving in estimations to be fact, in a better way. For example YOU COULD ACTUALLY TRY AND FIND THE ESTIMATED TOPSPEED OF THE 16/4 AND NOT CONTINUE TO POST FACTLESS BULLSHIT ARTICLES.
  16. Woah! I didnt see THAT coming!!!

    You dont believe it!!! OMG!1!1

    Dude face it, your just a fanboy who refuses to look at the facts.

    Even the biggest 962 fanboy on this site (Azjahn) admitted that the Bugatti did 253mph and concluded the sentence with *FACT*.

    If you still dont believe that the Bugatti has reached 253mph, your just a retard in denial.
  17. 50:50 is NOT the ideal weight distribution for a RWD car.
  18. I know, a slight rear bias is better (not too much tho, like those 911 porsches), too much rear bias gives understeer.

    But 50/50 is certainly not a bad weight distribution.
  19. ideal for a race car is pretty close to 40F:60R IIRC, so that the front tires dont overload during braking + steering, and the rear wheels get more grip for acceleration.
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    Here's an article written by the very man who drove the car at 253mph. It includes a picture of the Veyron passing the speed trap at 402.5km/h.

    This should prove, unless you're being a dumbass again, that the Dauer is no more a production car than the Speed 12.
    "We already have a black-and-white rule. The rule states that manufacturers must produce at least 20 units and they must be street-legal in their intended market."

    Under "Summary of Single Vehicle Approval dispute"

    And as for Cars with engines in front of the cockpit not being able to achieve 50/50 weight dispribution, it is one of BMWs grounding tenets that all their cars have 50/50 distribution. The front structure of the E60 5 series is constructed almost entirely out of aluminium for this very purpose. The new Maserati Quattroporte has it's engine pushed so far back that it in fact achieves a 46/54 rear biassed distribution, nearing Ferrari/Maserati's ideal 42/58 weight distribution. This is shown in the Evo article reproduced on the following page.

    haha <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/PnutSpecial.gif"></A>
  23. this post is enough to prove you are talking from the wrong end of your body.

    The 962 is twin turboed, runs off 3L of exhaust gas, and runs twice the boost pressure than a Veyron.

    The Bugatti is quad-turboed (which means that they are physically smaller ,which means less inertia in the compressor blades, which means less lag...and there is more exhaust gas flowing through each one (2L per turbo in Veyron, 1.5L through each of the Dauers).

    Also, you probably don't know much about the Bugatti engine, but the fact that it has 16 cylinders compared to 6 means that there is 4 times as many exhaust strokes per revolution as the Dauer, and considering that each twin set of banks shares two turboes between its eight cylinders, means that the boost drop-off caused by pressure changes (due to the lack of exhaust gas), which means that the turbo is more effectively spooled.

    And i haven't even started on RPM, the Bugatti has peak torque at 2200rpm, while the Dauer has peak torque at at 5000RPM. While the Bugatti has 4000-5000rpm of useable torque, the Dauer has around about 2000rpm of useable torque...the reason...turbo lag...
    The Dauer doesen't produce any significant amount of torque at lower revs.

    You may look at my name and think such things as "fanboy" "noob" etc.
    there is a difference between you and are a self-proclaimed car guru, i designed the oil pump for the big deal...
  24. Not that I like the Veyron or the TVR, but...
  25. thank you ajzahn...oh wait...

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