TVR speed 12 vs. Dauer 962 LM

Discussion in '1994 Dauer 962 Le Mans' started by DodgeMS-4, Jan 6, 2006.

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    Go on and put in "Mazda RX8 weight distribution".

    Look at the very first title that commes up.

    It looks like this:

    2006 RX-8 Exterior, Interior, Performance, Safety, Gallery ...
    50/50 WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION. The Mazda RX-8 utilizes a front mid-ship chassis layout, in which the compact RENESIS engine is mounted low and behind the front ... - 59k - 4 Mar 2006 - Cached - Similar pages

    Still dont believe it? Of course you dont, you'll never believe it.

    But why dont you click on the link, go in "handling" and click on "50/50 weight", it'll explain everything.

    I have, yet again, for the millionth time in this thread, proved you wrong.

    But your still not going to believe it are you? Your still going to say something like... "OMG YOU DIDNT SHOW PROOF!!! OMG PROOF!". Well guess what? That IS a proof. Now shut it.
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    Thank you for posting a link unlike certain other people who said they would but never did.

    I did what you said and typed in that on, however interestingly enough on the very first thing that came up the following was included -

    "Near perfect 50:50 front-to-rear weight distribution is realized when the driver..."

    How is 49/50 weight dstribution considered as perfect? The last time I checked perfect weight distribution was 50/50. I specifically remember saying the following in ne of my recent posts time and time again - "Which means that NO front engine car can have a perfect 50/50 weight distribution, HOWEVER front engine cars can have a CLOSE to 50/50 weight distribution", for those of you that can not grasp the point I was attepting to make with that post then I will make it clear for you. No stock front-engine non-supercar has a perfect weight distribution, HOWEVER they can have a close to perfect weight distribution (ie. 47/50, 48/50, 49/50) I hope those of you that think I was saying "no car has a perfect weight distriubtion" finally get the picutre and realize i was saying something else completely. if I remember correctly (which I do) we were talking about a older cheap rx7 that someone decided to waste alot of money to swap in a v8 and they still have not come close to PERFECT WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION.

    I do beleive you tried, however I don't beleive you actually took the time to read the "proof" you found. If you like I too can post numerous cars that have a near-perfect weight distribution.

    Even though the problem arises that unless you are talking about a supercar (like the one azjahn spoke of above) you will never get a perfect 50/50 weight distribution on a stock non-supercar (for you slow people out there that means mods and engine swaps like a v8 rx7 swap dont count, because the rx7 NEVER came with a v8). I tried to provide the trutful information earlier in this thread, but it seems as though people are content with beleiving total bs, If people would like to continue beleiving information from forum trolls who have no idea what they are talking about, then I will not be on this forum much longer. Good day to you all.
  4. i dunno where you went to school, but 49% + 50% = 99%
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  6. I totally agree with that. Piece of art.
  7. LOL 49/50 jesus, this is really really a sad day. here, how 'bout DodgeMS-4 and Bugatti4ever post pictures of their workplace, themselves at the workplace, and vehicles that they are or have worked on (no bs pics off the net), we will be watching EVERYTHING you say and have said. I'm trying to be unbiased but it's hard, so i want proof. If you don't have a good hand, fold.
  8. Not even necessary, MS-4 is a twat, period.
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    DodgeMS-4 says that he didn't saw any proof of the Veyron top speed, but I can say the same about the Dauer 962. I never saw a video or a picture with the 252mph Dauer record speed. So stop being a fanboy and see the facts. You are acting like a retarded.

    Even Wikipedia says that the Dauer record speed was never confirmed and that the Dauer company’s official claim only 370km/h (230mph):

    And about the Bugatti Veyron... watch this video and STFU!

  10. Heres a list of points for you to consider...
    1)TVR Speed 12 doesn't do track as its a production car.
    2)Dauer 962 is based on a le-mans car, which is used to going round le sarthe...tricky circuit.
    3) Dauer 962 IS faster(0-60/Top-speed)
    4) TVR Speed IS Slower(0-60/Top-speed)
    5) You need to hit yourself over the head with a large blunt object until you realise that this car cannot even compete with the TVR.
  11. TVR Speed 12 is not even a production, onyl one-off
    Dauer 962 LM is based on the 962C from which 177 chassis were produced
  12. 1) See image below.

    2) Aaaaand? The Speed 12 did a lot of racing as well, and was doing very well in its category.

    3) It is, and right after 60mph, the TVR blows its doors off by being massively more powerful, and lighter, with shorter gear ratios.

    4) The only reason its slower to 60mph is because it has a GTS racing differential, its made for rolling starts. Was it made for standing starts, 2.5 seconds would be about right. And 200mph is all you need on most race tracks. And it will reach that speed much faster than the 962 will.

    5) Stfu.
  13. The 962 isnt production either. So that argument is invalid.

    The day Dauer makes 25 of them, it will be. However, they still have a loooong way to go. I dont even think they'll ever make it.
  14. Oh and did I forget to mention that the road going Speed 12 is actually faster than the race version? Unlike the 962LM.
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