TVR speed 12 vs. Dauer 962 LM

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  1. so true! TVR's plastic trashbin may be fast in a straight line, but it would get smoked on a track.
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    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 25, 2016 you want the F**KING FACTS, HUH?!?! Well here you are from themselves quote for quote:

    "Until recently, the 1000 horsepower, four wheel drive supercar that claimed to reach 250 mph was only an enthusiastic vision, viewed by some as a public relations gimmick from the outset. However, the Veyron has now impressed the critics by achieving a two-way average speed of 252.95mph at parent company Volkswagen's Ehra Lessien test track in Germany. Thus the Veyron prevails over the Koenigsegg CCR's record of 240.8 mph set earlier this year."

    Oh.....yeah....that's according to them from Germany's Autobahn Traffic Officials,, oh.....yeah.....also from Guinness World Records,*FACT*!!!! Oh, if you don't know where Ehra Lessien is just go to

    There's hopefully the F**KIN' PROOF YOU...NEED!!!!! Oh so what if it doesn't show the Veyron at speed, Y...A...E...H I know, but still not satisfied,HUH?? Well just zoom in on it a little closer and see for your self at the straight of the "dog bone" shape it, NOW STILL DON'T BELEIVE, HUH?!?! I just thought I'd voice my opinion on the subject.
  3. Duely noted my friend.
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    How do you know I'm an "in-experienced forum whore," in what way do you know this? Have you seen where I work? Do you even know where I or anybody else on this site works, for that matter? BTW, sense when did TUV a German Governing body and Guinness World Records clocked and recorded the 16/4 Veyron doing 252.95mph average top speed, lie about that, anyway?!?! So, what do you want a "You Tube" video, or what?!?! So if that's an inaccurate so called "Invisible Top Speed,"then please enlighten us all what you think the Top Speed is!! BTW, I've been to DADC (Denver Automotive & Diesel College) for the whole thing about cD or (ie. Drag coefficient), weight distribution, Roll Center, Center-of-Gravity and mathematical formulas to determine top speed, engine speed, cam profiles, piston sizes, horsepower and torque outputs.

    1. DADC is now Lincoln College of Technology which back in Jan., 14 2006 I graduated from DADC with a Associates Degree in Automotive Technology, plus Vo Tech here in Boulder, CO. in there Autobody Repair and Refinishing Program.

    2. But I could just as easily lie my a** off as well, just like you are. I'm asking you a question, are you a salesman or a engineer? Or a façade or a conscientious person???

    But back to the topic at hand...its a tough choice too make, considering that the TVR Speed 12 according to quote says the following, "Design-complete in 2000, the TVR Cerbera Speed 12, like its predecessor, never had a true measurement of engine power output officially taken, although the original engine (which produced 800 bhp) was employed yet again. The weight was kept down to 1000 kilograms and TVR reminded people that they were making a car that they thought would beat the McLaren F1 with the words 'over 240 miles per hour' mentioned on several occasions. The new car would also be built in parallel with a new race car, although TVR were forced to opt for GT2 class as the GT1 class had been dropped some years previous. The new race car managed to run for a few seasons in the British GT Championship and had some success, winning several races.[citation needed] It did however have problems with reliability, often leading to the car retiring from races." So, with that said I'd take'em both to be quite honest with all of you here, its...yes hard to argue the facts about the 962LMGT and even the Speed 12, for that matter. Just IMO to express to all of you.

    Peace Love & Chicken Grease (P.L & C.G.),
    Sam Cool

    P.S Nobody likes a liar or a pertinacious person, PAL!!!
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    UM...OKAY...sure, even though I'm new in this thread here's my fu*kin' proof, PAL!!!

    1. Here's some researched links from, and there quoted statement, "With its tiny 1.3 L engine tucked behind the front axle, the rear-drive RX-8 achieved ideal 50/50 weight distribution." Plus, and THERE quoted statement, "The rotary unit is very small and light, and the RX-8 takes advantage of that with a front-mid-engine layout and 50/50 weight distribution. There's little understeer unless you really throw it in, and the handling balance shades to oversteer in the wet. Otherwise you'll have trouble unsticking it. It provides bags of confidence - a bit like the MX-5 but on a bigger scale - so you can make the most of the rev-happy engine." Finally,, plus THERE quoted statement, "The Mazda RX-8 has already received numerous accolades from the automotive press since its introduction three years ago. Most of the time, drivers and writers are enamored with the keen handling offered by the car's perfect 50/50 weight distribution. It's this even spread of weight that makes the car easy to drive fast and predictable when it's being pushed - even when a little bit too hard."

    2. Here's why there's differentiating definitions of production, "The title of 'world's fastest production road car' is constantly in contention, especially because the term 'production car' is not well-defined." That's quoted from in other words they'll be variating opinions on the definition of "production vehicle," from now 'till who knows when they'll be a clarified definition. Best get use to that idea right now. As of around 2007 or 2008 there's been at least 70 or so produced, of course to multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, aristocrats, Executive VPs, President and CEOs and chairman of the board, now have one of these machines. Of those 70 produced around 20-30 have been sold here in the U.S, as of RIGHT now not even ONE of them has been reported wrecked on the news, or had pictures shown up at, PAL!!!

    UMMM......that would POSSIBLY be me you're referring to there...BUD!!! Plus, I could KEEP on posting the link to Volkswagen AGs Proving Grounds Test Track called, Ehra Lessien GVP, just outside the city limits of Lessien, Germany. So I guess here goes......nothing...... ......there I posted the link......again for you...A.D.B.M!!!

    UMMM......WOW......"dude" I didn't know you knew THAT much about cars, thanks for that obvious tidbit of turbo usage and information...MFC!! So like what you've posted in the past, where DID YOU get your "knowledge" from, and how LONG have YOU been in this field for...HUH...A.D.B.M?!?! OH......YEAH, where's your "performance shop" located and called, cablejockey??? Please, I beg of you too enlighten us all, "dude."

    If you where a TRUE knowledged car enthusiast and technician as you say you are, then even you of all people SHOULD know this; Honda/Acura Integras and Honda Civics for approximately $2,000-$2,850USD, could have a complete turbo kit that has the car making, anywhere from guessed it...TURBO LAG...WWWOOWWW!!!! Again, thanks for the "kindergarten of automotive knowledge"...thanks, MFF!!

    See......I too can also have eradicated long posts.....just like you, but please don't go curaticing my reply to you.....okay...A.D.B.M???

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