Twin Turbo v6 Mustang

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    Sorry if this is a repost:

    Future Shock: 2010 Ford Mustang
    Are you ready for a twin-turbo V-6?
    By Matt Stone, Mike Connor
    "Although Ford's being doing it tough over the past few years, the current-generation S197-platformed Mustang has been a runaway sales hit since its launch in 2005. Now Ford is giving its reborn ponycar its first serious freshening. The basics will remain the same, but the workover will be thorough. Coupe and convertible bodystyles will still be offered, with V-6 and a variety of V-8 powertrains.

    But here's the shock news: We hear there is a faction at Ford seriously contemplating fitting the new twin turbo EcoBoost V-6 to the 2010 Mustang. As they try to figure out how to meet 35mpg CAFE by 2020, Ford engineers are wondering whether the V-8 has a long term future. The EcoBoost engine, which is currently scheduled to debut in a performance version of the Fusion, could be the more fuel efficient alternative for Mustang in the long term. Depending on spec, the EcoBoost is capable of up to at least 415hp, and has the torque to match a regular V-8.

    Traditionalists need not worry, though - V-8s will still be very much part of the Mustang program for 2010. If the EcoBoost version does make production, Ford would probably offer it alongside the V-8, and let buyers decide which they prefer. There won't be much of a price difference, if any - although the base V-6 is a cheaper engine, by the time things like turbochargers are added it's basically V-8 money, say our sources.

    Don't expect any changes in today's, base 4.0-liter V-6 offering, as its prime purpose is motivating low-end and rental-fleet Mustangs. But the Mustang GT model's V-8-currently a 4.6 liter, SOHC, three-valver-will be replaced by a new 5.0-liter engine that's essentially an evolution of the old architecture. In fact, the new 5.0 may even appear in a limited edition run-out series of current model Mustang GTs - is it finally time for the reborn Boss 302?

    One Ford engineer confirmed that the work done to create the Bullitt-edition Mustang's uprated 4.6 "has a future." That engine, described in our first test story (January 2008) remains internally stock, but breathes better due to a Ford Racing open element, cold air intake system, revised mufflers, a new crank damper (which ups the redline by 250 revs), and revised fuel mapping. This engine management programming allows the use of regular fuel, but switches to a more aggressive timing curve when it detects premium in the tank. The result is 315 horsepower, up from the current GT's 300. The Bullitt's V-8 is freer and quicker revving than before, and sounds great due to the new intake. There's no reason to think the next gen GT's powerplant won't take its cue from this technology, and thus get the same tricks. Something like 325 to 350 horses out of the new 5.0-liter V-8 sounds feasible."
  2. Cool. Would like to see the weight of that compared to the V8.
  3. I don't see how a TT V6 is going to give better MPG vs. a NA V8.
  4. ok... Ill take that. It worked with the tt stealth and vr-4, why not the stang?
  5. cause its called ecoboost...
  6. way to quote the wrong post.
  7. my bad

    aimed at RLQ's post for those that can't figure it out.
  8. cool 4 ever for mustang
  9. I like the idea.
  10. That's the beauty of a TT setup. You can get a hell-a boost in power without having to resort to increased fuel injection.
  11. Yeah, but it may not matter if the car weights like a tank.
  12. its going to be lighter, the 2.0 they're testing this with is good for 275hp too.
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    I doubt any twin turbo v6 could ever get is heavy as a modular v8. Even a redesigned Ford v8 could never get as light as a Ford v6 loaded down with turbos, piping, and intercooler. You would be surprised just how light a Ford v6 is.

    That site says a fully dressed duratec 30 engine weighs only 360 lbs. If I recall correctly, the duratec 35 weighs LESS than the duratec 30. That same sites says a modular v8 weights in upwards of 500 lbs without accessories. I have heard figures of a fully dressed mod v8 weighing as much as 600lbs.

    As you can see, a twin turbo Ford v6 would be quite the bad ass engine for any car.
  14. Oh and I remember seeing that 415hp figure a long time ago. That same number was sited for a twin-turbo, direct-injection Duratec 35.
  15. but turbo motors also have to run pretty damned rich for emissions.
  16. Like in a GT-R.
  17. Like in a brick
  18. You know what emissions laws can do? EMISSION LAWS CAN SUCK MY RIGHT NUT THATS WHAT THEY CAN DO OK?!
  19. youre talking to a guy that just helped make a straight pipe for our 930. I completely agree.
  20. hmmm....... I've seen a reversal of rolls here....... Mustang Twin Turbo V6 and V8 Audi S4 and a V8 BMW M3
  21. You're shit.
  22. The S4 is not a competitor for the Mustang.
    The M3 never had a twin turbo V6.

    The worst member.
  23. I still want to drop XR6 Turbo engine into a Mustang.
  24. Only good V6 Mustang is an FI V6 Mustang.

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