twin turbo viper powered super cuda vs Enzo

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    Legendary Motorcar Company built a Super 'Cuda for SEMA – no, not with a modern Dodge Challenger, with an actual Barricuda – and then decided to find out what it could do. The car is stuffed with engine and rubber: A twin-turbo Viper V10 with at least 1,000 horsepower, along with 345-series, 19-inch tires in back. So about the only place they could test it properly was Chrysler's Chelsea, Michigan proving grounds. For good measure, the folks at LMC brought a Ferrari Enzo along as well.

    Needless to say, in a straight line drag, the Super 'Cuda owns the Enzo. The green monster and its turbine howls raced through the air so quickly that the windshield molding came off and the hood lifted by three inches. When it came to top speed, however – and in all likelihood, real-life cornering– the Enzo took the round, going 218 mph to the 'Cuda's 208 mph. The 'Cuda probably could have gone faster, but vintage aerodynamics and driver heebie-jeebies put paid to that. Get all the action in the video after the jump
  2. wow big surprise, i didnt know a 1000hp car could beat a 650hp 6 year old car in a straight line.
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    Really old and outdated compared to the 40 year old steel bodied 'Cuda.. oh.. wait.. It wasn't about beating the million dollar super car, just showing off the custom cars ability.

    They could make the 'Cuda handle better? LMC has some affiliation with companies like
  4. nice vid, i love the sound of those. also lol i used to race against peter klutt's son, kid was quick. i am not rich enough to keep going like he is though
  5. im suprised that cuda stayed on the ground at 200mph
  6. That's not the point.

    Anywho, cool vid.
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  8. With the setup, you could make anything fast.
  9. HA-HA-HA! America loses again!

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