Two firefighters shot dead in upstate New York

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  1. Are you stocking up on them?
  2. I like how everybody pays respect to the victims by buying ar15s. America is even dumber than i thought
  3. In this scenario, yes
  4. the only reason people would have done this is physiological
    dont use politics as an excuse
  5. They are not buying guns because of the shooting, but because of the political reaction to it. This includes magazines, ammo, upper receivers, stripped lower receivers, parts kits, parts.. and any semi auto rifle they think may be banned/import restricted, not just AR-15s. Ruger Mini-14s, M1As, FN FNAR, anything-that-looks-like-an-AK, SKS and so on. I was planning on buying a SCAR 17s as a 'fun gun' for more than a year now but they are now going for $5000. Several grand over retail, and much more than I would care to spend on what is just a semi auto rifle.
  6. How long til these stockpiled weapons are used in a massacre??
  7. I'd argue the Glen Becks and Rush Limbaughs of the world scared everyone just as much into stockpiling.
  8. lol it's entirely political

  9. I get the feeling people stockpiling arms and ammunition is driven by arms manufacturers using lobby groups like the NRA and politicians themselves to get people to think this is the necessary solution. It's of little benefit to anybody else except for the industries bottom line.
  10. but when the south rises again i can shoot all the army drones out of the sky with my glock
  11. it's simply because of the pointless "Assault weapons" ban of '94-'04. It's coming back and people know what items won't be available. An impending ban that gets plastered all over the news motivates the people that ever wanted a certain "assault" weapon to go buy one while they can. Anti gun politicians mentioned taxing or banning "assault" ammo as well and as such everyone that has a corresponding firearm went out and bought as much as they could

    The market was FLOODED with AR15s and related parts in '08 because of the gun haters in the newly elected Obama administration.

    /supply and demand
  12. army drones and F22s are sure working great on uneducated peasant insurgents in the middle east
  13. 3 step system in no particular order to helping the situation we can all agree on:

    1. overhaul the mental health and criminal justice systems

    2. smarter restrictions on gun and ammo access

    3. remove fox news, msnbc and cnn from existence
  14. what will be done:

    1. talk about it to death in the media until everyone stops caring
    2. meanwhile crazy/stupid/irresponsible people stock up on weapons
    3. legislation comes out a year later that does little to address the original problem and pack it with billions in earmarks
    4. random ATF raid that does nothing but 'lets criminals know we mean business'
    5. talk about it to death in the media
  15. oh, insurgents who cant get control of the government
    mm hmm
  16. 6. the south rises because their rights on a 200+ year old (out of date) document have been taken away
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    With regards to point 2:

    You mean you wanna take away my right to own a GE M134 Mini Gun?!
  18. can american citizens own nuclear weapons?
    if not, why not?
    clear violation of rights
  19. thats crazy!
    soon those leftist fUcks will wanna take away my RIGHT to own and defend myself with a flamethrower!
    also to overthrow tyrannical government blah blah blah
  20. i sometimes wonder what it feels like to live in a first world, civilised country and constantly think the government is out to get me
  21. true
  22. Sweden was an ally of the nazis so no need to act like your country was innocent
  23. Nothing wrong with stockpiling ammos and guns
  24. correct
  25. I know I'll probably incur the wrath of hemi for directly replying to you, but just think about what happened in this incident clearly.

    The firefighters were in that street for a reason, there was a's their job to put it out. Even if they were entitled to carry a gun, it would quite far down on the list of things a firefighter would want to carry while trying to put out a fire. The extra weight of a weapon would come at the expense of some other gear, and I'm pretty sure their protective clothing and equipment harness wouldn't work well with a holster.

    It would be a hindrance to their primary role, so even if they were given the choice, I would venture to say that none of them actually would.

    84Fordman was clearly joking when he made that post, because the notion of a firefighter carrying a weapon when actually fighting a fire is a bit ridiculous.

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