Two Koenigsegg CCR's - Lime Green/Orange

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    The first of the two is Peter Saywell's Lime Green CCR (chassis #18), for those who don't know who he is: he's the guy which was recently on Fifth Gear showing the world is mega garage which consists of many including two Koenigsegg's, a blue CC8 and this model, an orange Zonda F, a silver Carrera GT and etc. His CCR is making way for his new blue CCX which was recently delivered to him.

    His "Ninja Green" CCR is for sale at the Broughtons Group. A total of 3,000 miles have been put on the car since it was registered in late 2004

    "Additional Features: Satellite Navigation, Rear View Camera, Bluetooth Telephone System, Parking Sensors, Infrared Laptimer, Twin Fin Flag, Sony Stereo. "

    The vehicle price is £345,000


    Orignal Link:

    Secondly we've got another CCR, a 2006 with just 50 miles.

    "Bright Orange with Diamond Stitched Black/Orange Interior. Hi Fi/Sat Nav System, Reverse Camera, Tracker. The guiness world record holding supercar with a unique soundtrack and apperance is unlike any other car ever produced - just the doors are a work of art! Fully prepared using Zymol Vintage wax."

    The vehicle price is £360,000


    Orignal Link: /
  2. I'd do the same, the CCR is obsolete now.
  3. The CCR isn't goofy looking though.
  4. i want 1 but what color i think i would take the orange
  5. It's a pity Koenigsegg didn't do anything about the backside of the CCX, as the front is so much different compared to a CCR, that one might consider it as a 'different' car; however... I prefer the CCR over the CCX
  6. it ever was!
  7. pardon my ignorance but, what's that in USD or CND? like 700ish?
  8. The just remembered how shit looking the back of the CCR is.
  9. Today's exchange would make that 727,961 CAD - 639,937 USD
  10. I like the CCR, but it looks weird compared to the Zonda.
  11. Does the CCX still come with carbon fiber wheels?
  12. The CCX be be ordered with optional CF alloys, you can also have them in magnesuim or the magnesuim style you seen on these CCR's.
  13. hot car, definately

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