TWR collapse

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  1. The Collapse of TWR in Britain means that A: HSV has now been bough and is 100% owned by Holden, which is owned by GM.
    B: TWR racign teams HRT, young lions, k-mart commodore, are all now well going to be lucky to race for this season.

    As we all know the teams that have dominated for the last few years have included almost (if not) every TWR car. Now these top machines (now owned by Holden) will be barred from racing because of the rule that you cannot enter your own companies race car(Holden cannot enter a commodore, ford cannot enter a falcon) This will be big news if it happens.
    Currently holden are trying to get either a slight waver for a year or someone to take ownership back into it. MOre importantly Holdens great drivers (ie. skaife) will not be able to race in their cars for this season.

    With the introduction of FPR (prodives entry) ford wanted to challenge TWR, but most would still expect TWR to have the edge. STill if there's no TWR it'll be a big blow to our racing.
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    y r they racin this week at melbourne??? howed they manage to get around the rules?
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    They are being allowed to race because it isn't a championship round. They still aren't allowed to race at the Clipsal 500 or any other championship rounds.

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