UFC 163

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  1. A light heayweight bout for the next title contender. I got my money on Machida.

    Fight Trailer:


  2. The most disgusting "sport"
  3. Disgusting is what happens to fighting when techniques are artificially selected for efficiency and efficacy.

    These stances belong in a museum, where culturally significant but functionally useless weapons are kept.
  4. Meh, the only UFC fighter I follow is our local hero and buddy Georges St-Pierre
  5. ufc is for white trash
  7. only care about anderson silva replays. like trying to knock out a ghost.
  8. I find the nfl to be more disgusting, to each his own
  9. ken shamrock has boss hawss yea yea rick james
  11. I rather watch WF over UFC.
  13. so that means you like it then?
  14. I thought the US government was water boarding AP.
  15. Your way to fresh off the turnip truck to start trolling again. Were just going to make you rage quit the internet again.
  16. no because I did not start back off with hostilities, several of you did

    I tried to come back with a clean slate
  17. loosen up
  18. you got it
  19. Silva was a #$%#ing punk.

    He even tainted Weidmans victory.

    I guess that's his style to an extent but that shit was hard to watch even for a casual watcher like me.

  20. Now that he doesn't have to fight Silva to get the title, I'd actually rather see Machida move to 185.
  21. Just watched 162. Good to see Silva get what he had coming to him acting that way. But part of me thinks he wanted to lose. Uhg, just watched Silvas after fight interview. #$%# that douche.
  22. there will be a silva vs weidman 2 soon enough........ hopefully silva won't act like such a cocky asshole, but glad to see his cockiness got the best of him
  23. agreed
  24. Link?/What'd he say?

    Everybody gets theirs eventually. Especially these types... Silva, Roy Jones... Maybe mayweather soon
  25. half of me feels like "silva is a better fighter than what we saw" and the other half is "we've seen him play these games half a dozen times and win without much trouble at all". I think victory has defeated AS. At nearly 40 years old and no one in his weight class on his level, I think you can make a case that not only was he not spirited in the fight, but that he has shown less effort in the last few fights leading up to this one, getting by on just pure talent.

    If AS had the drive to fight as good as we all know he can, I don't think he'd have any trouble winning back the title.. But you can tell from everything he's said since the loss that he isn't hungry for glory anymore. Which is completely understandable given his age and accomplishments.

    If you think he's being douchey for this, it's only because you're correct in thinking AS can absolutely fight better than he did last saturday. Even fighting the way he does, guardless and taunting, he's done better jobs of it. Don't tell me it's about respect, cause that's chicken piss. 17 straight wins and like a decade as champion, the man doesn't need to show anyone respect because he has a right to all of it.

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