UFC 74.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Finger Eleven, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. I know it's a little late, BUT, did anybody watch?

    Couture was unreal.

    Seems like his style has changed a bit since last time I saw him - He's definitely got the duck and weave shit down really well, Gonzaga could barely touch him.

    And when Gonzaga caught him with that same kick that sent Crocop back to the womb, Randy just shrugged it off. So rad.
  2. I dont agree that his style changed much, if anything it was like watching him on dvd...same shit different smell.

    Crocop is a douche
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  4. The cut really threw Gonzaga off. Good fight nonetheless
  5. I can't seem to find a video... Anyone?
  6. I couldn't find one either, so I just downloaded a torrent.
  7. good fight, but for starters that kick was partially blocked and wasn't near as hard as the one he threw on cro-cop
  8. Are you thinking of the kick in round 2? Gonzaga landed a huge one in round 3.
  9. ok... fight = seen and it was awesome

    Its hard not too love Randy Couture. He has all the experience in the world, and at 44 he still lasts longer than anybody out there. And the kick he took... I've seen lesser kicks knockout other fighters, he blocked it a little, but Gonzaga is an absolute beast, a kick by one of those hams can take heads clean off...
  10. Gonzaga's win over crocrop was crocop's fault not gonzaga's skills.

    Tim lasted longer with randy!!! i guess tim can beat gonzaga too

    gonzaga has no stamina,
  11. For the record, it was Gonzaga's own knee that broke his nose, not Randy's knee. Also, that partially blocked kick wound up breaking Couture's arm. Fierce.
  12. I enjoy watching men in tight shorts fight in the octagon.

    OoOoOoOhhhhh yah
  13. The natural broke that guys face up pretty good.
  14. Holy shit, seriously? That's nuts.
  15. WTF are you talking about?
  16. So I just watched the fight. My god, Gonzaga is AWFUL! No conditioning, no heart and unbelieavbley stupid. It was like Randy was ragdolling some big fat oaf the whole time. Awful.
  17. Jim Rome is going off about Randy Couture right now and how he was "Dominating, tossing bombs with a busted wing..."

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