ugh, biatches and their photos

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  1. i can't tell with this one. arranged a date for tmrw, but the more i look at the pics, I'm getting thrown off. last chick i banged was a fatty, so id like to go back to the average for the next.

    what do you guys think? some pics she's looking fine, others..not so. at least the face is decent. the one with the guitar is swaying me towards fat the most.

    and yeah okcupid, judge me all you want, but getting laid off that site is too easy.
  2. what's it feel like to be this desperate for attention? do you get a boner when people acknowledge you?
  3. i consider this forum my own personal playground.

    its really not an attention thing. i don't know why everyone feels this way. i don't really care one way or another.
  4. looks cute in the first photo, probably not that recent. doesnt look fat to me though, maybe a few pounds north of fitness ideal, but could be worse
  5. First pic she looks young and pretty, not so much in the other pics. Why are you asking us anyway you know you will
  6. for what its worth, people who complain about my posting give me the impression they care about this site more than me. its not like this is a bustling,busy forum like it once was. its more several people who've been here for years. its par for the course. the whole, corks is posting too much shit shtick has flew the coop
  7. I agree, pic 1 has to be old. The armfat in pic 3 is real to me, and her cheeks in guitar pick are festively plump.
  8. meh, i always pay when i go out with a girl, been skint on cash lately, was trying to convince myself to actually stay home on a friday night to save money, but yeah you're right, probably wil anyway
  9. it's not all your posting it's the whiny 'look at me' attitude that goes with it
  10. Make her feel beautiful again
  11. You #%!@ too much. All your posts are consumed with complaining about mark. That's all you do.
  12. She has a penis.
  13. What pics did you use for that site
  14. haha, haters

    keep making threads mark
  16. the first two pics and last two pics aren't the same girl, are they?

    also, why do you care so much what other people think about literally everything? i think your too self-conscious. you don't know how to just be yourself.
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  18. i wish guitar pic didn't exist, it makes her look like what i believe in your words is a "caker" and in mine would simply be white trash. i dunno what it is, just something about the way she looks. really not digging it
  19. That chick fat bro
  20. as long as she aint a ho you know what I'm sayin playa playa
  21. I dunno bro don't take out your package if she carryin too much baggage
  22. +1
  23. i like your style
  24. I think she looks a bit chub in the 4th pic because of the lighting. Worst case you meet her, she's too big for your tastes, and you try not to get so drunk that you decide to bang her anyway (or do exactly that and make more threads tomorrow!)
  25. not all, just most. but yeah, agreed.

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