ugh, biatches and their photos

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. this
  2. Send her this thread, if she still wants to meet up afterward you're definitely getting laid.
  3. Ya just hit it. You're at an age that you should be slaying anything that comes your way just #$%#ing #$%# her and don't answer the phone tomorrow
  4. you guys know i'm just being sarcastic right? if you keep making terrible threads about your crappy life then i'm going to keep making fun of you

    renaming mrrrhg crew to misunderstood crew
  5. stop spreading hate

    *all over my face
  6. it's the only way i know how to get off
  7. if anyone here is misunderstood its me!

    but yeah, lets keep doin this song and dance
  8. I fully support Bishop Ghost calling you out in all these threads, add me to the list.
  9. "if anyone is misunderstood its me"

  10. mr balls we know deep down in your ballsack you yearn to be understood. youre just afraid we wont be gentle. dont worry, we are gentlemen.
  11. Going from left to right, she gets progressively fatter lololol. It's like a game I like to play: "Lets compare how cute my middle school crush was to how chubby and birthed-out she is with todays facebook pictures!".

  12. what would uncle SupraMan do?

    shes a chubba but so what boink her anyway
  13. If one picture shows vibes of fat, then she's fat. Judging from these photos I wouldn't waste $5 for a cup of coffee sir, my only hope is that I'm not too late.
  15. #$%# her, don't gf her
  16. Just ask walper for some more money
  17. Just ask walper for some more money
  18. Pretty sure she's 15 in that first picture.
  19. I would totally do her though
  20. classic sarcasm, yeah. not easily detected on the information superhighway
  21. it is if you're bright enough
  22. theres CBs problem then, I guess
  23. so was she a heffer or what?
  24. Markl, I hope you take time to hunt girls outside of your friend circles
    its not sarcasm when u really mean it

    lovin team corks swooping to his defense tho

    but uh oh
    one member is missing!

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