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    Holden Commodore Walkinshaw Performance Series II at 2010 AIMS

    By Brett Davis | October 15th, 2010

    Walkinshaw Performance has unveiled the Holden Series II supercar at the Australian International Motor Show, Darling Harbour.

    Firstly, let us just say the car looks awesome, for a Holden. Secondly, it has 460kW of power – like a full-blown supercar – and 780Nm of tree-stump ripping torque. Walkinshaw Performance starts with a Holden Commodore SS engine – 6.0-litre – and rebuilds and retunes it with the addition of a Edelbrock 230 supercharger, simply stomping all over the standard figures of 270kW/530Nm.

    The car also features uprated brakes, in the form of 378mm disc rotors up front and 365mm disc rotors on the rear. These are clamped by six-piston calipers front and rear. Other hardware changes include specially tuned Bilstein suspension, bespoke WP interior and embroidered seats, a Rockford Foscate audio system, and a body kit package including a carbon fibre rear lip spoiler.

    Walkinshaw Performance CEO, Craig Wilson, said at the unveiling,

    “Today’s unveil is the culmination of a real break through year for Walkinshaw Performance, with the introduction of new products and an industry-first driveline warranty. The package is the result of hundreds of hours of testing, refinement and discussions between the WP team and our suppliers to bring to market a truly unique product. We’re celebrating the release of the WP Series II Supercar by producing just 23 examples, finished in Panorama Silver, the same colour which adorned the original ‘Walky’ when it debuted at the Sydney Motor show 23 years ago.”

    Walkinshaw Performance is offering the new supercar with prices starting at $99,990 and going up to $117,760, once all options are added.
  2. Seriously fantastic. Well done savages.
  3. Pontiac builds excitement™
  4. so what have they actually done? new bonent and bootlip spoiler>
    99 grand? no thanks
  5. 600+HP
  6. At least it's not out of place with the ugly old Walkinshaw then.

    Seriously want to drive it though.
  7. Looks much nicer than all that HSV garbage
  8. That doesn't mean it's not ugly.
  9. seriously i #$%#ing hate these stupid bonnet expansion things

    why cant they blend it in with the bonnet?!

    why does it have to look like it was literally just glued on!?
  10. Just a point on the interior.
    They've used a standard SV6 interior (cloth seats) and added some embroidery and a sticker.

    At least HSV does something to remind you that you paid a lot more than $36990 for it.
  11. I suppose touching the accelerator may remind you why you paid more than $36,990 for it.
  13. not that spectactular considering what other tunehouse offer
  14. also it LOOKS EXCELLENT

  15. Yesterday I saw and E2 series HSV, with this Walkinshaw bonnet.

    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
  16. Perhaps I should've added "When you don't happen to find yourself on a deserted country road or a race track."

    Yeah, the mechanicals are great, but everything else is a poor effort. There isn't a single modification to the body or interior which couldn't be done with a set of screw drivers, some superglue and an angle grinder.

    The seats are only upholstered on the headrest (easily removed) and the centre console lid (two screws, easily removed). The boot lip spoiler is just glued on. The mirrors come off easily. The front bumper is also easily removed so it can go off to be painted. The bonnet extension is just a big hole cut in the panel and covered up with a bit of plastic (that's why they don't have it blend in...that would require an actual panel to be fabricated).

    At least with a HSV, the interior has unique seats, upgraded door trim, and changes to the dash. The body has changes that would actually require skilled people in a body shop to perform.

    Clearly Walkinshaw has fallen on hard times, and are running on a very small staff.
  17. What I dont understand is .... HSV and Walkinshaw, are still BOTH owned by Tom Walkinshaw...

    Why dont they just have s/c HSV GTS .... FFS.
  18. Ugly bonnet* and ugly wheels, but other than that it looks heaps better than the HSV cars.

    *For heritage LOL.
  19. well done indeed, those rims are awesome!
  20. like some hsv lay-z-boys that vl owners will drool over
  21. yah, the senator seats are like lounge chairs, yet have me sitting with good posture.

    But anyway, HSVs now has different dashes to the Holdens aswell, which is good.

    Definitly much better than the Walkinshaw crap:
  22. i like how the light glistens off the hard plastic
  23. Because they probably used a factory hood, cut a hole in it, and applied their molded/painted part. Likely cheaper than redeveloping the entire hood.
  24. cheaper




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