ugly stupid and dumb

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  1. this is just a copycat of other cars!
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    Once upon a time, Saker said...

    "i know, lets make an cheap immitation of the McLaren F1, except this time lets make it realy SH#T"

    ...And no one lived happily ever after.<!-- Signature -->
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    you're both morons! if this thing is a copy of a Maclearen f-1 then i'm a damn green homphpobic tomato! it looks more like a Porsche 962 then it does a F-1, or even a Ferrari! you guys really need to get your eyes checked!
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    Looks like this is the special ed stomping grounds. Sorry I entered.
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    hey Mclarenking...... how bout you lick my balls fa.ggot ass!!
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    you are the most ignorant, retarded fool I've ever seen in my life.
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    shut up you idiots, and get a life...for the price this car is as good as it gets, f*cknuts.
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    This thing looks nothing like a McLaren. You would have to be clueless about supercars to agree that it does!!
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    design is too edgy, and could be a little smoother, perhaps...other than that, not a bad attempt at an original design.
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    As far as I know this car is a race car with subaru impreza engine and suspension. (740kg. and 220bhp.)

    Buying cost are around US$30.000,-- WOW!!!!

    Sorry guys I like this car a lot (to race). (in dutch)
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    this is a track car....

    it also represents a true race car, with emphasis on being lightweight, powerful, aerodynamic, having large downforce, handling, etc i could go on...

    the car this should be compared to is a turn key ultima (not the kit form)...

    that is its direct competition as i see it...even so, this is more of a race car

    going by looks, the ultima looks more modern, but this has that old school group C racer sort of feel to looks faster and better from all angles except the back...

    put a twin turbo v8 in there you have yourself a car that will outpower and handle any road car full stop...
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    agree this is more of a sucker then a saker
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    This car is not intentionally a copy of anything, it was designed with being as minimal as possible in mind, whilst having ultimate handling and aerodynamic properties as was possible. Just because some other cars have also used the same good ideas doesn't mean that it is a copy, and at approx. $10,000 American Dollars, I know of nothing comparable, including motorbikes.

    It was designed in New Zealand (the same country that took the Americas cup which is probably why it is getting all this bad feedback) by Bruce Turnbull who has been consistently engineering extremely competitive race machines throughout the last few decades.

    It comes without an engine, and is completely customised by each purchaser and is designed to fit a V8. I personally reckon that the perfect setup for this car would be a modified Mitsubishi GTO (3000GT) 3Litre V6 Twin Turbo Setup as there is plenty of room and lots of air ducts for intercoolers, air intakes and the like.

    For more info to prevent more ignorance, maybe check out
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    your not a king your a ripoff.copycat my a** this doesn't look anything like a mclaren you gotta stop staring at the Mclaren F1 for 24/7
    and start seeing what other cars are there.i cant beleave they vote for a moron for a king but kings dont act like spoil brats.your a ripoff.outside wouldnt do you bad you spend too much time in your garage staring at the Mclaren F1 instead of going out side and get fresh air.but hey i dont feel sorry for moron.ummm i think that Mclaren F1 has brainwash him since he was staring at it for 24/7.
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    i gess ur a damn green homphpobic tomato
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    Some points.

    If it looks like anything, its a Dauer, Porsche, 787b, Schauppan... LE MANS type car.

    It looks nothing like a MacLaren

    Its Road Legal

    The example I've seen does a certified 200mph with an NA V8

    An open top version is availible for track racing.

    The whole car, built, running supersonic speeds wouldn't cost more than 10-15,000 US. Even thats exagerated.

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    Seems pretty sick to me, and it dosent look a bit like a mclaren u retard. but i like the concept tho , putting any V8 in a cheep aerodynamic car. and its only (according to reddragon) $10k!
    so if u want to get a nice fast car this should be your choice 4 about $20k with a nice engine
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    What is wrong with you people, you think you know it all.

    Let me put you straight.
    This car is built in New Zealand in a little place called Marton (population of 10000 people)

    Now for all you idiots that say it is a mclaren f1 knock off then I am sorry to burst your bubble, but all the saker bodywork was designed and first built in 1989, and it hasn't changed since. I have personally sat in a 1995 saker which was running a highly tuned subaru legacy gt flat 6 twin turbo with about 450 horsepower. It does zero to one hundered km/h (0 to 60 for you american retards) in around 4 seconds.

    so why don't you all be quiet
    P.s Mclaren was founded in New Zealand too, so even if it was a copy of the f1 i am sure old Bruce Mclaren wouldn't have minded too much.
  22. mclaren????????? ferrari????

    #$%# yourself

    it looks like a koenig c62

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