Ugly, ugly, UGLY!

Discussion in '2002 Ford Thunderbird' started by Vette74, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This "car" looks awful. I thought the idea was to preserve the legend of the old t-bird, not make it an eyesore. Check out the Chev Bel-Air Concept to see how retro should be done.<!-- Signature -->
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    You right !

    I'm so sorry htey call "it" Thunderbird.

    And I love the '55, '57, '63 and '70 Thunders.

    But this one!!!! Ugly !!!! I don't understand what's on Ford's mind.<!-- Signature -->
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    But I'm glad to see that GM make the Bel Air Concept so ugly as this one !!!

    They are trying to make the ugliest car in the world !!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    1970 Thunderbird sucks a@# it had four doors.

    I would rather have this one over the 1970 T-bird any day.<!-- Signature -->
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    This car is wonderful. It is great looking, and very clean. It is rather heavy, but its got fairly spirited performace. I have yet to drive one, but im sure i would enjoy it if i did. They dont handle outstandly, from what ive read, but they are pretty good.

    Has anyone seen that comerical with the Lotus Esprit and the Thunderbird. That is so funny, and that woman is so hot. But still, if i was the girl, i would say to heck with a Thunderbird, i like the Lotus Esprit. But regaurdless, it is a really great commercial.
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    Although i am a ford guy, i must say that this isnt the prettyest car ive ever seen. As a matter of fact, on of the ugliest, not as ugly as that YAMAHA wanna be car however. they should stick to MX bikes.<!-- Signature -->
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    Iv seen this thing in real life and it actually looks clean and powerful. Ofcourse looks can be deceiving, and we all know it does not have enough power in it. But it looks nice iv seen one the other day its great. The TBirds in pictures are nothing like they are in real life.<!-- Signature -->
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    Ford sucks
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