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    bite me ass!<!-- Signature -->
  2. Would someone please produce a f*ucking car that is better looking than these peice of shits that have a good top speed but are uglier than my hairy asscrack. 800,000? No way.
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    this is a great lookingn car<!-- Signature -->
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    This car is beatifull!!!
  5. Re: UGLY

    looks good.
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    Seen one in person? Listen, this is the epitome of modern supercar class, inside and out. The amount of effort, time, and yes, money, that have gone into every detail of the form of this vehicle, lend it an air of perfection easily noticed from thirty feet away. If you don't like modern perfection manifest, stick with your "hairy asscrack." Which, I'm assuming, is your nickname for the impressive automobile you drive.<!-- Signature -->
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    WHo the hell care what it looks like look at the top speed ass hole by the way FORD SUCKS ASS
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    This car is beautiful.FORD SUCKS ASS!
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    dude there aint nutten ugly about this car.
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    FCUK all ya'll, I bet non of you can afford this car. Not even half the price.
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    Can you afford it?!?!?! This car is gorgeous! <!-- Signature -->

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