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  1. I know plenty of people who snub this car because they call it inferior technically, but I know just as many who consider this car to be ugly.

    Personally, while I think the car is striking, on paper I think it looks quite ugly from the front. It does look alot better in real life, but out of the 288GTO, F40, F50 and Enzo, it really is the weakest link for me (purely design wise).
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    I think it's a great design (out of your choices) but it's not my favourite looking ferrari and further off my favourite looking car
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    Yea sorry, I wanted to put a few more options but I hit enter by accident and I dont know how to edit it (yes, I am a n00b).
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    Out of you options, GREAT!
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    UGLY IS THE ONLY THING THIS BETTER BE CALLED. everthing else would just be a lie! **** FERARARIES!!!

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    Where did you learn to spell? Oh wait, I forgot, you're still in 2nd grade. It's Ferrari, not "Ferarari", you retarded piece of shit! Mustangs can bow down to the beauty and superiority of the F50. I'd like to see your 85 Mustang (I doubt you even have a car) keep up with an F50 on a race track (one that doesn't look like a bathtub).
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    its people like BIGDUMBASS who give us teenagers a bad reputation. Not all teenagers are into 20 inch rims on Escalades and Civics with Euro-lights. I personally hate those things. Im more into performance, and not just straight line performance. I hate the trucks with wheels as big as my bass drum on my drumset. Thats all a pile of bullshit.

    I read Car and Driver, not those import tuner mags or DUBS. Just because were 1/5 as old as some people on this site doesnt mean were all dumb. I have family members who come to me for advice and i attend to go to UTI to kickstart my career. So please understand, most of us are, but we're not all assholes with NEUSPEED stickers.
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    I totally agree, it's idiots like him that ruin our reputation.
    Although I doubt Mr. DUMBASS is even a teenager. He acts like an 8-year-old.
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    #$%# fereraris? ha ha ha . you #$%#in redard. get back to class. i can hear your teacher calling.

    NASCAR IS SHIT. accept it bigdumbass.
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    what can i say? oh yeah. your a blind twat
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    Guys like BIGDUMASS think nascars are good. Well let me tell you something, your nascars are not Italian exotics. Until lately, Ferraris and Lamborghinis were HAND built. I mean that much love and affection goes into building these mean machines.

    I agree that Americans make great cars, like Corvette Z06 & Viper GTSR. But one things for certain, American can't beat Italian.

    ITALIAN CARS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I think its beautiful, and looks better than its first stationary, the F40. I happen to like the front, esp. the head light position and the front air intakes.
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    So did I.
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    It won't be long, you'll get banned. I'm working on it.
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    For starters you could say something worthwhile you stupid dickhead.

    I posted this in another thread, its a good summary of my view of the design:
    "...I consider the F50 to be an awkward design for a number of reasons. The whole front just seems to appear weird with those oversized holes and the rounded "nosebone". The overhangs on the front appear to be disproportionately big too. I think it strange too how the vent on the side rises at a different angle to that strange black line. The windscreen appears more upright than it should on a supercar. The rises behind the seats appear to dwarf the seats too. I dunno, I could live with those little awkwardnesses, but the vents all over the car give it too busy an appearance for my liking.

    Im not saying the F50 isnt striking. I nearly shat my pants the first time I saw one in real life, but I just cant fall in love with the car as I did with the 288GTO, F40 and Enzo."

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