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    a beautiful car!<!-- Signature -->
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    ok car talk car talk but when he puts a title like that.... u r offending the Alfa Romeo and its fans and two reasons that the alfa isnt sold in america is because most americans are cheap and have no taste
    so dont give me that shit about "they suck thats why they arent sold in america"

    BMW RULEZ<!-- Signature -->
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    it's a unique look at future cars. in autoweek, they say it has a good chance of reaching production. <!-- Signature -->
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    I would like to say to you man to buy some glasses because you sure need somes!!!!! If the Brera is ugly, Claudia Schiffer is the most horrible woman on Earth!!!!!!!!!!! All you american car designers, learn with Bertone and Pininfarina how to design a car!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah, alot of designers could learn from the expertise this car demonstrates. absolutely wonderful. it would no doubt stop traffic.<!-- Signature -->
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    He said that the car looked ugly
    He was banned by the site
    Whether it was due to his impoliteness or his awful taste doesn't make a difference:
    I finally found a proof that justice on earth still exists <!-- Signature -->
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    Don't worry , some members and mods are looking after "Ford racer is dead" (same person).
    if he comes back to put his shit , new banning.

    I even wonder if GottaBeKD has blocked his IP.
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    good points for the most part, except

    "You realize i hope, that communist influences really dont effect the auto industries philosophy right?"

    in a communist government all industries are government controlled, in this case the yugoslavian government which didn't even have enough money to feed its people. So yes that does change auto idustries philosophy entirely as they were trying to produce the cheapest possible thing on four wheels that will run. So no the yugo is not a good example of a poorly made euro car (not to say you couldn't bring up some old fiats or even VW's). Yes the quality of american cars has come leaps and bounds but Toyota and Honda still are consistently rated with the lowest problems per vehicle, and BMW and Mercedes usually do pretty well considering they are for the most part performance vehicles. Also the fact that americans have never made a true "supercar" with the exception of the gt40 (and i guess the cobra for its time) kinda pisses me off.<!-- Signature -->
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    yea, i like cookies, want one for being a smartass? talk to me when u can begin to comprehend anything 300zx were saying, ok?
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from ford racer is dead</i>
    <b>do u want a plaque for writing that much or maybe a a cookie?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->You are already banned one time.Why don't you respect peoples opinion and stop writing bull s h i t.Forums are supposed to be for discussion not for stupid chatting.<!-- Signature -->
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    europeans are a people! if they arent what are they? antelopes? they are a broad and diverse people much like americans (were talking united states, not mexico. mexico has never had a true car company worthy or an recognition). they also have just as many car companies (and automotive failures) as europe, japan or korean cars. You realize i hope, that communist influences really dont effect the auto industries philosophy right? just because the berlin wall was still standing doesnt mean that people value poorly made econoboxes. and as to date, porche, bmw and mercedes-benz have been easily and unquestionably the most succsessful german cars world wide and they have been selling long before the wall came down. ever notice how east germany hasnt produces any great cars since the belin wall either? capitalism is present in germany, the united states and asia. together they creat a worlwide capitalist network. german work ethic is no different than the work ethic of any other coutry. the fact is that cars a created by a select few designers and engineers. after that factories are run by blue collar factory workers worldwide. if u will argure that its the factory workers that matter the point could be brought up that more and more german and european cars are being build in the inited states. the bmw X5 and 5 series are constructed on the east coast in either carolina or virginia (i honestly cant remmber which) and those are reguarded as vehicles with excelent workmanship. also styling is merely a matter of opinion, and im glad u agree so readily. i know, i also wish that there were more american sports cars. but the viper and corvette are also the only american attempts at sports cars. the comaro and firebird are dead and they were just quick strait line haulers. the mustang is just a gt car and really isnt an allout sports car. aside from those cars there isnt even an attempt at a sports car. the point that americans dont buy foriegn cars because they are just that, foriegn is not valid either. that also applies to all countries. when was the last time someone saw a corvette in europe or japan? they barely sell there for the same reasons foriegn cars dont sell here. people want to help the american auto industry so they dont buy foriegn cars. thats an appreciation for domestic products and i can respect that kind or patriotism to a certain extent. but the same applies everywhere. you cant say people in europe dont like the corvette because its a bad car. (the most recent vette anyways) the current corvette is praised for build quality and performance by all major automotive magazines. (even consumer reports which has been continuously byast tward the corvette)to argue thats it is not a good car, even if stylisticly you dont like, is a poor argument indeed. these things just go to show that sometimes people can be overly supportive or american vehicles or too infatuated with foriegn cars because of "superior quality and engineering" (which is just plain untrue. in conclusion just remember that just about all the ideas that people have about cars exist in all coutries.
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    Front: no

    Back: yes<!-- Signature -->
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    whether you made a point or not it's still a generalization to even call europeans a "people". Europe is made up of dozens of countries with unique cultures, histories, and even car companies. Yugoslavians made the yugo while they were part of the communist block, making them about as different from the western europe as possible. Ever notice how eastern germany didn't produce any great cars between WW II and the fall of the berlin wall? In the meantime western germany has been producing some of the best most reliable cars in the world, its called capitalism and the german work ethic (also why japanese make such bullit proof cars, except of course i mean the japanese work ethic). By your same line of reasoning i could claim american cars have horrible build quality, based of the early attempts of the mexican auto industry. Your right that truly was a great point. I do however agree that styling is purely a matter of opinion, it just bugs me the the vette and viper are the only real american sports cars and most of the best european and japanese sports cars (more so the japanese) are not imported here because americans won't buy them simply because they're not american (although this trend is changing with the WRX and the upcoming lancer, skyline, and elise).<!-- Signature -->
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    i know u said most americans have no taste. but there is no greater concentration of tasteless individuals in america than any where else in the world. which was the exact point i was trying to convey with my post. by using japanese cars and european cars as an example because they too have demonstrated very poor taste, in fact they still do with many of their bland, uninspired designs which are sold in america and abroad. i agree in that the style of the american cars of the first half century was very good, but american car companies and americans in general still appreciate good style (even if many of the more beautiful designs belong to more expensive vehicles. but that still applies to all countries and companies.) and no shit europe isnt a car company. (the yugo was an example, and good one at that, but not a generalization like "most americans have no taste") but in europe is, yes, you guessed it; yugoslavia! producer of, again you guessed it, the yugo!
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    Simply gorgeous. And now that Alfa reliability and such is far far better, they can deliver all the emotion and beauty they used to in a package that you can actually use from day to day. I heard that GM was going to be bringing them to the states, but more recently I heard that for financial reasons they are almost definitely going to delay it's introduction.<!-- Signature -->
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    car looks nice boy and them 400 horses pretty sweet too
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    this is one gorgeous hatchback with some mad power too. i don't dig the alfa-romeo trade mark style grill, but the car has some beautiful styling. <!-- Signature -->
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    Gorgeous of the best looking cars I've seen.<!-- Signature -->
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    This one of the most Beautiful cars I have seen in a while. I personally like the front end, and I belive alfa should stick with it.You should Not only judge a car by it's looks. It must be fast[400 Horses!] and have the renowned alfa romeo handling. If it can't go to the states, why not come to canada? We really need a Canada-Only model, something that the states does not have[Both of our brands,Bricklin and ASUNA died in 1978 and 1992 respectively, dispite being cheap and fast cars] Plus, we don't have the same laws as the states, this would be a perfect car for us.[By the way, there is such car as a 300nx]<!-- Signature -->
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    hey 300zx, the reason alfas arent in the states is because they were expensive to buy, and to fix and the werent reliable. because of that they didnt sell well. and americans dont have taste eh? thats a crude generalization. lemme guess, ur a die hard jap-car fan because of their breath-taking style. the same people who brought us the 1980's hondas and toyotas (easily some of the boxiest, ugliest cars ever) or european cars because of their beauty (the same people who brought us the fabulous yugo). ever car company have some nice cars and some ugly cars but it all comes down to opinion. u sound like a fool when u say things like that, and they are plenty of people on this site with enough common sense to realize that.
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    You think this car is ugly but you like the way sebrings and the front end of vette's look? The reason alfa's aren't in the states is because most americans like you have no taste.
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    SHut up new member with all 6 of your post how dare anyone dis resptect my athority i will bum rape you all if you say anything again
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    How is it that an entire arguament based on there opinions on how something looks??? This is even worse then the American Vs. Jap arguament. (At least with that one there are some facts that can be used to back up the arguaments.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from analcornhusker</i>
    <b>alfa romeo suck and there ugly thats why they dont sell in the states</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->you suck<!-- Signature -->
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    this car is ugly? i fail to see your side of this. simple but clean lines. Who said the sebring is nice, but this is ugly? i think he needs to lay off the crack, and accept the fact that this is beautiful

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