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  1. :'( snif...

    I think it's ugly...

    I was watching for something different... not?

    If you like this car, maybe will be because it has a Ferrari motor (motor 10)
  2. Die please.
  3. Die please.
  4. look at the 512 bb, and then the testarossa-348 to the 355; Ferrari have always followed the pattern of matching it's design ques to its decades. This decade will be the 360 to the 430.
  5. I'm glad somebody had the brains to question the styling of a hot new car, which none of the magazines will ever do (at least as long as companies stuff their pockets). I expected far more from this car, as I did with the 612. I compare the stylistic drop from 360 to 430 Frogza to the change from the Porsche 993 to the 996: one was sexy and desirable; the other looked like a mutated frog/spaceship that was given no attention in the design room. It may have that extra power that a mid-engined Ferrari has long deserved, but there is no excuse for the styling. They had over a decade to get the 612 right, and they managed to screw that up. Is it not obvious to them that most of the general public (along with its clientele) hate the looks of the Enzo? With that said, how could they possibly take Enzo cues and slap them on my beloved mid-engined V8 sports car, the only reason I still like Ferrari? Long live the 575M - it's our only saving grace. I have been known to drive over 250 miles out of my way on occasion to see the new offerings at my "local" Ferrari dealer, but if they go and screw up the 575M, I'll never again go to a Ferrari dealer, even if they put one in my backyard.
  6. The Price tag is said to be $183 500 (est.)
  7. While I agree that the 612 was a disappointment, IMHO this car is beautiful. It incorporates some of the best traits of the Enzo (there are some, really) while still having a tie to the 360. It seems like not so much of a new car, as much as an evolution, like the C5-C6 change.
  8. yeah, no...the f430 is ridiculous. It answers all of the "issues" that the 360 had (because the 360 was already so great). Plus, Ferraris have such enormous presence in person. I used to think the Enzo was very unattractive. I saw one being hustled around Fiorano when I went to Maranello last summer. The sound alone gave me goosebumps. But standing right next to it, touching is much like meeting the hottest woman in the world. Pictures can never do it justice, just as you have not seen the Sistine Chapel until you have actually been there. We didn't like the 360 much when it came out, either, saying that it was not Ferrari-like. But it grew on us. This one will too.
  9. I totally agree with everything everyone said and only other thing I can say is.. this is the car between the 360 and the Enzo that most people wanted instead of the Enzo because it was like 3 times cheaper and still went faster and looked better than they needed. Nose of a futuristic 360, tail of an Enzo, performance of a downgraded enzo, and the price of a 360. I'd take this over an enzo almost any day.
  10. update, the enzo is designed to be a supercar. It was created with pure preformance in mind, the body is designed to create maximun downforce. It was not made to be a pretty picture and framed, it was made to be the best preforming car ferrari has ever made. So to all who say "the enzo is ugly" your not looking at it the right way. The 430 is beautiful with sharper lines,it a definate step to the future, you cant expect cars to keep the same styling cues from decades ago, unstick yourselves from the past and except that cars are going to change.
  11. twism is the only one who knows anything here. the enzo is a detuned formula one racecar with blinkers and tail lights. and the f430 ugly?! are you smoking crack? the scaglietti i will agree, a little unhappy with the design but the f430 is everything it should have been.
  12. Do you guys think it will looks better if the front air intake has a grill? Or make is smaller. In general, i like the car but not those giant intakes.. and maybe make the headlight a little bit bigger.
  13. I'm just not seeing the "ugly" To me, the F430 looks like a more refined and evolved 360. I'm not dissapointed with the design of this Ferrari at all.
  14. its even more ugly in yellow.
  15. ^but i dont doubt its performance=D
  16. a Ferrari styled by Pininfarina will always be beautiful, no matter what you say.
  17. Ugly? No! It is even more beautiful than 360 Modena. Yet I think the F430 has created a problem, when we look at its specs, it tends to outperform its bigger brothers like 575 M and 621. With a mid-ship engine, faster accleration and more aggressively looks, I wonder who will buy a 575 M instead of a 430.
  18. Me! er If I had the money....
  19. If it's so ugly, don't buy one. I like the shape- very sinister. Think of it as a 360 with a little more edge.

    As to the 612, the subtle styling is lost on most folks. The 456 it replaced was a real beaut, but it was beginning to look a little dated.

    Also, many of the design features (large intakes, etc.), it's often a necessity to accomodate the engineering. See, e.g. the Maclaren F1
  20. To the guy who asked why anyone would buy a 575M over an F430, I understand your question, since the F430 is, in all honesty, faster than the 575M. Yet the 575M has a V12, looks far better than the F430, and has an incredible interior. I was able to sit in a 575M at a dealership, and I was blown away. Even with black leather, it immediately became my favorite interior in the showroom. And unlike the F430, you can throw two sets of golf clubs in the back.
  21. I think you're crazy. While this car doesn't have the most oringinal or intersting design, it is incredibly sexy (in my personal opinion).
  22. dude the car is gorgeous in every way, and hasnt been a complete change but why change something so sexy,...? it looks better and to boot its funtional in every way
  23. I never really that the 360 looked all that amazing but i love this cars looks. Is there somthing wrong with me because i see the 360 shining throung in the F430
  24. It's all about personal taste. My friend has a BMW M Coupe, generally regarded as a fairly ugly ride. Personally, I kind of like it.
  25. definately not ugly at all.. dont really like how the front and back dont really match up to each other though.. but not ugly at all

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