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  1. ITS A BIG ASS PIECE OF SHIT<!-- Signature -->
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    this will rip a hole lot of little peace of shit honda's
    and f*cking peace of shit chevy's

    chevy suck
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    <b>ITS A BIG ASS PIECE OF SHIT</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Why, I think it looks nice and has decent performence
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    God Damn you guys are ignorant. Doesnt matter what the other cars do. A Z28 will burn a GT, a Cobra will Rape a Z28 then a SS will burn the Cobra than the Saleen will burn the SS then the C-5 will kill the Saleen and then the Cobra R will demolish the C-5 than the Z06 kill own the Cobra R. See were Im going with this?!?! Quit being so #$%#ing closed minded and biased. Red necks!! Get away from the IROC's!!!!!! Hicks!! Loose the 5.0's!!! Dont be gay and think the other car sucks just beacuse you own the Chevy or the Ford. You idiots dont know the first thing about CARS!!!!
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    I agree slikav, some people bash fords just because they own a chevy and some people bash chevys just because they own a ford! I used to hate Fords and love Chevys until I rode in a stang. The Camaro and Mustang are both great cars and are made by great companies.
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    Hey slickav good post its good to see that not everyone loves just one brand of cars simnply their daddy owns one. You just forgot one thing, Skyline GTR RULES!!! (NO just kidding) But don't believe everything you read on this site i've seen quoted 1/4 mile times that are out by over a second! Now that would change your list there a little.
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    Rule #1: Unless you drive a chevy with the same name, handling capablities, and power, shut up.

    Rule #2: You base its "suckiness" on what pray-tell?
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    shut up right now. They stopped making the camaro cause it sucked and lost to the mustang in most numbers and sales.
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    Come on man, don't start another one of these senseless fights, it has been 'discussed' numerous times before, and has only left anger and road rage in its wake.

    For everyone else ->
    When people make a stupid thread like this, just don't respond, all they are trying to do is get a rise out of you, and when you come in and reply, generally counter-attacking their cars or personalities, they get what the want. Remember, they WANT TO PISS YOU OFF, if you ignore them, they will stop. It works, trust me.

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    Plus, these Saleens do prove to be beautiful performers, I own a 2001 S-281 convertible, and I have been enjoying it all Summer.

    Here She Is.
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    Nice, very nice
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    I couldnt agree with you more. the only thing is (and i know you think im bias, but check the 03 cobra stats yourself) the cobra will smoke the SS, because its just a ram air package and badges on a Z28. Nicely put tho. Just cause you own a Ford or a Chevy doesnt mean one is better than the other, look at numbers to determine that. I look at it this way im a muscle car fan, and i prefer one over the other, however that doesnt mean the other one sucks, its just my opinion. LONG LIVE THE MUSCLE CAR AND TELL THOSE DAMN HIPPIES TO SUCK IT!
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    Everybody knows this is a good car, including the chevy lovers so i dont even know why u would be downin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    EVERYTHING u said is right!!!
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    hum........... i wonder if you can take a dump and come up with a better performing and looking car out of your ass uh huh i didn't think so shut up dumb ass
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    Amen to that.
    I'm suprised the damn hicks who fight the "chevy sucks ford rules battle" figured out how to get on the internet, let alone find this site.
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    Can we like ban the dude who started this topic?
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    this is really terrible to see these nonsensical ford chevy wars!!!!a fighr for yes or a no. what the hell is this????can't we leave in peace and be friendly among american cars owners?

    really sometimes ignorance of certain people is stunning.


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