UK to cut the national speed limit to 50mph

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  1. The UK government is to cut the national speed limit from 60mph to 50mph on most of Britain’s roads, enforced by a new generation of average speed cameras.

    The reduction , to be imposed as early as next year, will affect two thirds of the country’s road network. Drivers will still be able to reach 70mph on motorways and dual carriageways and 60mph on the safest A roads.

    Jim Fitzpatrick, the roads minister, defended the plan, which will be the most dramatic cut since 1978, when the national speed limit was reduced from 70mph to 60mph.

    "There will be some in the driving lobby who think this is a further attack and a restriction on people’s freedom,” he said. “But when you compare that to the fact we are killing 3,000 people a year on our roads, it would be irresponsible not to do something about it. I’m sure that the vast majority of motorists would support the proposals."

    New research by the Department for Transport has found that reducing the speed limit could save 200-250 lives a year and also reduce carbon emissions.

    Britain’s roads were the safest in the world until 2001, relative to its population, but have since fallen into sixth place behind countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. Some challenge that statistic because of the disparity of the countries’ sizes.

    The new 50mph limit is intended to reduce the high death toll on rural roads, where, in 2007, 69% of car crash fatalities took place. It will apply to single carriage A, B and C roads. Local authorities will have the power to raise the limit to 60mph on the safest roads, but will have to justify it.

    Ministers plan to use average speed cameras, which monitor speeds over distances of up to six miles, to help enforce the new limit. The cameras have already been installed at 43 locations. The Home Office is expected to approve their wider use later this year.

    Speed Check Services, the company behind the cameras, claims the number of deaths or serious injuries at its sites has fallen on average by 60%.

    Fitzpatrick said: "If you look at the figures on rural roads, there are disproportionately more people dying there than on any other roads. The nature of some rural roads, with dips and bends and difficult conditions, means that the 60mph limit is not enough."

    The 50mph proposal will be laid out in a consultation document to be published in the early summer.

    Edmund King, president of the AA, warned that the move could alienate some motorists. Last year the AA asked 17,481 motorists if the limit on single carriageway roads should be cut to 50mph. Nearly half backed the move but 38% opposed it.

    He said: "There are quitea few single carriageway rural roads that are straight and adequately wide, where 60mph – in the right conditions, driving sensibly — is not a problem.

    “The danger of the blanket approach is: are you going to then reduce speed limits just for the sake of it where you don’t need to? That’s where you lose the respect or the support of the motorist.

    We all know some rural roads where the 60mph limit is ridiculous, although there are equally others where it suits. So it is a case of getting that balance." (Autocar)
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    also, from Pistonheads


    New Labour plans would see lower limit and more cameras

    News that Labour plans to reduce the national speed limit to 50mph has drawn an angry response from the Association of British Drivers, who today condemned a �speed bully policy signalling the end of driving excellence in Britain�.

    The government scheme to enforce a 50mph limit with widespread use of average speed cameras was revealed at the weekend.

    �"This is nothing to do with road safety,� says the ABDs Nigel Humphries. �Anyone can see that hazards vary along rural roads, and so speeds must vary with them. A blanket 50 mph speed limit does not recognise that roads vary enormously in character and that a limit as low as 50 is totally unnecessary on many rural roads�.

    Numbers of road deaths have failed to improve for the last 15 years, while the only road safety policies promoted by the government have been those which make life more difficult and unpleasant for drivers, the organisation claims. In contrast, investment in driving skills, or improvements to dangerous roads have been played down.

    The ABD lambasts the over-emphasis on speed as the sole determinant of road safety statistics, which it claims was always misleading. It says anti-car policies are being rolled out by stealth, one scheme at a time.

    �This is another step in the implementation of a surveillance society where your every move is monitored and no individual discretion allowed. Instead of encouraging intelligent and responsible driving, based on the road conditions and the vehicle being used, we have this dictatorial regime that attempts to monitor and control our minute to minute driving standards.�

    With public consultation planned for the proposed reduction to the national speed limit, the ABD is calling for a vigorous response from motorists on whether they think it is a �wise and proportional response to the problem of traffic accidents�.
  3. That's no good.
  4. I hate how they always blame speed for accidents.

    there is a stretch of highway near where i live that is single lane with no dividers or median strips. The biggest cause of death is people either drifting into oncoming traffic or trying to overtake a slower vehicle and running into another car (or truck) head on.

    the government response is to lower the speed limit from 100kmh to 90kmh (which has done nothing) and whenever there is another crash on that stretch, the policeman at the scene or the news would say "we are investigating if speed is a cause of this accident"

    ugh...its not going to make a difference whether the closing speed is 200kmh or 180kmh...people are still going to die.
  5. #$%#ing hell, Orwell would be proud.
  6. Big Brother is watching you,
    more and more every day,
    telling you it´s your safety,
    just feel fine
  7. i'm emmigrating
  8. The simple loss of productivity will also be quite significant. Taking more time to get everywhere means more traffic, more carbon emissions, more fuel consumption, etc. Often, traffic leads to many more accidents too.

    Pretty ridiculous idea, if you ask me. The only way to fix people getting in accidents is to teach them to be better drivers.

    If it were up to me, everyone would have to pass a high speed drivers ed course (either auto-x or track style) to get their license. It really is invaluable and teaches you the things you cant learn on the road that you need to know to be safe in a controlled environment. Worst time to find out how your car handles at the limit is when you need it, like an emergency situation.
  9. i love getting to tracy CA in less than an hour while cruisin at 80mph
  11. Wait til I bought my house. I'll rent you my attic olol
  12. Lucky Brits still have most tracks per acreage anywhere, but I still hope and predict there will come a day when people will mutiny.
  13. Um, the BBC said this would may be the national limit for a select number of single lane roads. The limit is 60mph anyway and the roads affected will be have been chosen for a specific reason. This is NOT for the entire British road network.
  14. I wanna hear what Clarkson has to say about this
  15. i'd be sooooooo pissed off if they ever did that here
  16. @#$%ing liberals
  17. clarkson is a #$%#ing idiot. IMO the limit is too high at the moment on single-lane country roads - it's impossible to drive that fast without driving blind around bends - most of you are too retarded to read anything but the headline.
  18. What about straightaways?
  19. what pissed me off about Aussieland (though I only heard about this) was that there was an actual debate about banning smoking in cars.
  20. lol, 80-90 kmh(50mph) is what our main highway speed is. we only get 100-110 on our biggest highways like the Trans-Canada.
  21. 3000 people a year out of 52 million????

    Holy shit, they really wernt kidding when they said that there can be NO deaths at all
  22. Im pretty sure my state has one of the highest death tolls in the country because of drunk drivers. UK would totally hate Louisiana drivers.
  23. Most single-lane roads are perfectly safe at 60mph in good weather. Those which aren't should be given their own individual speed limit, just like many of them are right now. I can only assume that the government can't afford to put new speed limit signposts up.

    There's absolutely no reason to create a blanket policy to address an issue that crops up on a minority of the roads affected.
    The proposal is that some of the safest roads will be allowed to be 'bumped up' to a 60mph limit *if the local councils make a good case for it*. So you can bet that plenty of good A-roads will be pointlessly limited because a) councils are too lazy to apply for an exemption or b) the government will concoct some trumped-up reason to keep the road at 50mph, just like all the bogus justifications for speed cameras in certain locations over the last few years.

    This is total bullshit. There is now no question that I will be voting Tory at the next election - I'd be surprised if they scrap all the idiocy Labour's brought onto our roads, but we need a change and surely it can't be any worse than this.

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