Ukrainian 4x4 unveiled by boxer Vitaly Klicko

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    Ukrainian 4x4 unveiled by boxer Vitaly Klicko

    Alright, so we’re not terribly well-versed in Russian, but even if we can’t translate, this picture probably says all most of us need to know. Of course, if an Autoblog reader out there can shed a little light, we’d be much obliged.

    Until then, the best we have is the (very) rough online translation below (courtesy The translation basically states that boxer Vitaly Klichko is somehow affiliated with this heavy-duty civilian Ukranian ‘jeep,' a $70,000 vehicle made by “the Kremenchug motor transportation enterprise.”

    Yesterday under Vitaly Klichko's patronage, the first Ukrainian jeep developed has been presented and collected by engineers of the company ' the Kremenchug motor transportation enterprise ' creation for a basis has been taken a military complex the Chain armour. In spite of the fact that the peace car, instead of the militarian, the case of the machine The first Ukrainian jeep 5 meter length and 2 meter heights. Weight over 3 tons. As release of updating in a representation class is planned. Initial cost of 70 thousand US dollars.

  2. Haha, that's amazing!
  3. They should have asked someone who knows about design... Obviously they did not...
  4. Pfft, it looks great
  5. As a matter of fact, it does!
  6. this makes the Cayenne look awesome.
  7. WTF? This is way more badass!
  8. this is awesome.
  9. My god that's ugly.
  10. the Cayenne = ugly
    this = way uglier

    its like the average looking woman standing next to her token fat friend.
  11. This will never pass pederstrian safety standards.
  12. This will never pass pederstrian safety standards.
  13. and/or any standards.
  14. needs a better pic. i guess the grill guard covers up the ugly mug.
  15. *Ukrainian
  16. I think this thread is in the wrong section, Ukraine is part of Europe. Anyways, I think this car won´t sell for that price, perhaps for a 1/5 of the price?
  17. No, it's more like Angelina Jolie next to all those Hollywood blondes
  18. what the #$%#?
  19. more like angela joline, the 50 year old Diner waitress with a mustache.
  20. It looks cool
  21. Ukrainians don't understand photography either.
  22. No matter how big the car is, his head won't fit inside.
  23. Looks pretty hardcore.
  24. What The #$%#???

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