ultimate street legal track car?

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  1. so what is the ultimate track car?
    say, on the 'ring?

    based on some numbers, i think this is the list of top cars, but not all cars have been tested, so how do you pick ONE car?...what do you think would be the quickest one?

    koenigsegg CCR
    diablo SVTT
    dauer 962
    leblanc caroline
    toyota GT1
  2. Mclaren F1 LM
  3. Caterham Seven Superlight R
  4. Radical S3 Turbo or whatever its name is.
  5. That's what I was going to say, but isn't it only street legal in the UK?
  6. ultima GTR if you want something you can work on and be superfast
    superlight lotus 7 like car if you want something very fast and priced pretty cheap.
    Viper can be worked on well, isnt to hard on the pocketbook if you get an older model, and can definately make good track times with the right suspension upgrades.

    to me, these three are way up there based on performance, realism, and the ability to tune and work on as differing tracks dictate.
  7. Caterham Seven CSR260
  8. Legal anywhere? Jaguar-Palmer JP1, Caterham Seven CSR260, Radical SR3 Turbo.

    Legal in the US / actually reasonable to use on the street? Enzo, Mosler MT900S Photon, McLaren F1 LM.
  9. On that list, the Toyota GT1 will pulverise everything, except the Dauer 962 which may be able to follow.

    So i say, Toyota GT1, Dauer 962, TVR Speed 12, Nissan R390 GT1.
  10. Dauer 962 Le Mans Porsche
    Donkervoort D8 RS 370hp (has beaten the Radical SR3 Turbo twice at the Hockenheim and Nurburgring)
  11. Just one car of the Toyota GT1 was ever made which is in museum at Tokyo, wouldn´t count that as a street-legal track car.
  12. Well you put the Toyota GT1 on there which is a straight race car, so give me an Audi R8 and I'd get the best time ever!
  13. There is a car called a B6 Stealth (or a Stelath B6) that is made by a small company in England. it is based on an Ultima GTR I beleive, except that it would absolutley destory an Ultima.

    It is street legal in the UK. barely
  14. Dauer 962 LM easily
  15. Dauer 962LM

    Caterham R500 Superlight Evolution?
  16. Stealth B6.

    the're ugly as #$%#, but ludicrously fast

    i'd still rather have an Ultima GTR though
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    Caterham Superlight R500 EVO
    Caterham Superlight CR260
    Westfield Megabusa
    Westfield XTR
    Radical SR3
    Radical SR8 ... OK so it hasn't been built yet, but with the brand new engine putting out around 370 BHP on it very first dyno run last month, 400+ BHP expected eventually and the Radical SRx chassis, POTENTIALLY it will be someone near the very top.

    TVR Speed 12
    Stealth B6 ( http://www.racecar.co.uk/stealth/video.htm )
    TVR Typhon/T440R
  18. Show me this street legal Toyota GT-ONE.
  19. Not sure how 'street legal' it is though ...
  20. My guess is not at all, at least not here in the US.
  21. Yup, it and the R390 "road car" were the single street car required for homologation under GT1 rules at the time.
  22. well, it's got numberplates...would be insane
  23. Welcome to the WORLD.

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