unattractive girls names

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by theHonk, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Her face is weird.
  2. helga and olga are hot names, you sillies.
  3. ive never heard of a girl called adrian and i know some guys who are called adrian so lol
  4. Most black girls names

    Sharmell, Sharmaine/Charmaine, Britney, etc
  5. Deirdre
    Anything ending in "i" in place of "y", like Nikki, Traci...
  6. ya, maybe in the air farce
  7. yeah most "urban" names.

    also never liked jasmin. even though it is my nieces name.
  8. Silvie
  9. Anything ending with "ee-sha" or "oya"

    #$%#ing ghettos

  10. homo-petteri
  11. Any name that doesn't end in an "a", minus some that are really really hot.
  12. chair force
  13. colby
  14. and Steph is one of our cousins,, your really insulting our family here dude.
  15. Ok firstly, Adrian is both a guy and girls name,, Anyone here see Rocky?

    Second,, Olga and such names are hot cuz there usually on a polish/russian/ukrainian girl and she's usually gorgeous.

    Bernadette is honestly an ugly girl name. I'm dealing with a girl by that name right now,, she's very cute,, but her name, I'm sorry its ugly.
  16. any that would go out with panda
  17. lol Bernadette is better than Olga/etc
  18. All Olgas I know are ugly.
  19. Shijuanna
  20. themla

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