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  1. I made no broad or absurd conclusion, I only asked or postulated. That is however, outside the point. What other personality do you know? The real AP or some other new online personality that has been around not even a week? What else can there be for you but dislike for AP?

    The point is, you didn't wish him to get better, you made it clear you did not wish him to become harmed and so that hopefully he would get better. There is a difference between the two as one implies a certain denial to your culpability. but it is obvious that you aren't culpable, so why?

    I think AP makes a good point, people are wishing him well. How undesirable it must be to hold a grudge now that something as puny as a tick and as preventable as lyme disease threatens to end his life. This is precisely why I feel like it is to save face, but for who? us or God or some other watchful eye?
  2. Kinda reading into it a tad much buddy
  3. i don't get why you can't grasp disliking someone but still wanting to wish them well when sick. he still has equal value as a human. luke was the sadist that only did the right thing because of fear of god. i don't believe in any form of god or afterlife
  4. Get better!
    PS. If you want your youtube links to be clickable remove the (s) from https
  5. thanks.......... I was wondering why they weren't working
  6. No.

    People who enjoy the disease and misfortune of others usually do quite well in life in material terms and don't get sick very often.

    Going everywhere your animal goes and not checking for ticks is not a prerequisite for pity.

  7. Pity and empathy are not the same thing, you spurious swede.
  8. You don't wish or enjoy hearing that other have health issues. Who ever they are.
  9. Your knee was pretty funny the second and third time.

    This is like his 2nd brain aneurysm if you break it down.
  10. Still laughing btw
  11. yeah when I look back at it, it is funny because its so stupid but its still shit situation.

    I still have some morphine left so toodles!
  12. So you have developed emotions now?

    I thought they were reserved for #%!@es and #%$s only.
  13. I never said that, ever.
  14. The place of a woman is between a fist and a stove
  15. Ur a fistula!
  16. harka where did you go
  17. He came to raise kunekune with me
    He's been here the whole time
  18. Yes but I also raise some hippos on the side.

  19. This username is horrible and I will change it btw

    I don't even know if Treblinka had any gardens

    It should have had more gardens. Waste of good fertilizer

  20. i just put random words together when i make user names
  21. My user name is the sort that is create by a man who has wheels
  22. i like to think of it as a ghost that achieved the rank of bishop, rather than the name bishop

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